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Please review the services and websites listed on this page. If you would like to contribute a website or service you think would other people would find helpful, feel free to do so. Please make sure you do not post reviews to the Discussion area of the page.

Tips on Composing Helpful Reviews

  • Add the website link to the appropriate section of this page and add 1-2 sentences describing the app, service, website or so forth, and how it could be useful.
  • If you have used the website, app or service, include an A, B or C rating at the end of your review.
  • Include your name, your Triangle's name and the date of the review.

Examples of Website or Services
These are examples of websites services which have been used by Lifebushido Triangle for internal communication, creative projects or more. Please put name of main website service, and then examples of your usage.
  • www.wix.comIs a Flash website that focuses on marketing the creative projects of Lifebushido.I love that it is free and they have many options to create a free website. I actually just started to use this site to create a site for personal use- Rated A Tami Robertson 12/12 Trinity Triangle
  • Google Places- Gets your business on the Map with a pinpoint, and basic information about business. One of the first advertisements we did for Lifebushido to get the word out.
  • Sprout Social - You can capture and manage data right in your browser. There is a robust set of analytics for Twitter, Google Analytics and Facebook Fan pages. It is a paid subscription service and the downside is one subscription can only be used by a single person, additional people will have to sign up individually.
  • This site offers a new way to make great presentations, and this is the site used to show one of our very first Presentation About Triangles. SlideRocket offers a no-cost Lite Plan for casual users, and on their site you can create presentations, work remotely with others to create presentations, share presentations, and even go mobile! ~Cindy Taylor, Axiom Triangle

These have not been reviewed. Many were noted by Steve in various magazines. If any of these sites are no longer valid, please move to section - Invalid. If you have a few sites you like, put the links here for others to review.
  • This is a European social network
  • A site to share and discover links online
  • Digital advertising insights
  • Viber - used worldwide, downloadable to any phone, they offer both local and international services such as call or text for free provided that both parties have the same apps. You can also add cute emojis (both free and with charges) to add design to your messages if you simply want to be playful or funny. You can even send small files to your chat mate for any purpose that it may serve. - Sherrylyn Santos-Diaz - Ripple Effect Triangle - 06102017 Review: A
  • Cognito Forms - is a digital marketing tool that I was able to use from my previous employment. You can create different digital forms such as survey forms, query forms or even digital receipts and invoices, and a lot more allowing inquiry a lot easier for the clients, and replies will be sent automatically to your emails. This would also help you look professional. They have free services and paid services depending on the scale of your files. - Sherrylyn Santos-Diaz - Ripple Effect Triangle - 06102017 Rating: (B) They only comes in black and white design.
  • Zapier - is also a digital apps which works best with Cognito Forms and other social network such as Facebook, Twitter, and also with Trello plus a lot more. It allows you to set up 2 to 3 or more apps merged together for an automatic update of information. For example, in an excel sheet, clients may be able to input their information from the Cognito Forms by simply coming out with the same boxes and columns. This would prevent you from being blamed for any incorrect information. - Sherrylyn Santos-Diaz - Ripple Effect Triangle - 06102017 Rate: B, a little bit difficult in the beginning. They also offer free service for personal use but charges minimal fee for work purposes.
  • Go Daddy - is a paid website but works best as a marketing tool. It comes in two platforms such as manual coding (if you like challenges of programming) or easy-to-use website depending on your preference. For the latter, you can easily drag-and-paste pictures to create colorful pages. They even have several templates that you can use for the design. The good thing about the website is that they also offer domain name for a minimal fee, which makes your website looks professional. Example : - Sherrylyn Santos-Diaz - 06102017 Rate: A GoDaddy provides website hosting, WordPress Interfacing, Microsoft Office 365 and other email clients, website builder platforms, free tech support, and more. They are the largest URL name seller. Rate A - Verneice Starling, Pacesetters' Triangle 03/15/18

Suggested Apps

  • - Free service to simply download and convert video to mp3, Convert video to ogg, convert videos from Youtube and other websites to your computer for free. A rating George Jabley- Pacesetters' Triangle 03/15/18
  • Icons DB is a website for free custom icons. currently has 4164 icons in the database that you can customize and download in any color and any size icons can be used freely in both personal and commercial projects with no attribution required. I use it all the time for my graphics design work. A rating George Jabley - Pacesetters' Triangle 03/15/18
  • Whatsapp Messenger is a free app, running on data not SMS or phone service, which can be used on Android, Apple, and PC devices to communicate by text, voice, video, and chat with groups of people, and people in different countries. The transmission is quick and encrypted for sharing documents, photos, and videos. It is a great way to hold one-to-one meetings with Global New Recruits and for share information or having dialog with Triangle members. Rating A Verneice Starling,
    Pacesetters' Triangle 03/14/18
  • - This website is great for simple and more advanced ways to keep organized. Their forms can be used to organize contact lists, send invitations (personal and professional) or design based on your needs. I like that you can edit, add or delete fields making it suitable to your desired format. - Tequia Brookes - Triangulation Triangle - 7/11/18 - A rating.
  • - This app can be download to a Computer, iPhone, or Android. It allows you to set up reminders and to do lists as well as print or share the list with others and collaborate. I like that this app because you can separate tasks by adding them to a designated folders. - Tequia Brookes - Triangulation Triangle - 7/11/18 - B rating.
  • Cute Pdf a free Pdf tool, that is really free. Very convenient and easy to use. Rate: A Lisa Sweeney - Ripple Effect Triangle.
  • Google Drive - a free collaborative platform that has worked wonders for myself and our triangle members. We are able to create content and get instant notifications when content is completed. We can share ideas, documents, files, and images without having to send email after email with attachments. I would recommend this for tracking assignment progress and even for creating general documents necessary for triangle tasks. Alicia Nicholson - The A Team - 12/07/16
  • ColorNote Lets you create text notes for textual information, and checklists for various lists ranging from to-do lists to shopping lists. You can check off the items on a list once you complete them. You can color-code your notes to keep them organized. You can name a color group and check how many notes you have in a color group. It lets you use widgets to put sticky notes on your home screen. A sticky note will be always in your sight so that you never miss it. You can set a time reminder on a note or pin notes to the status bar. These will help you get things done. You can manage your schedule by taking notes on the calendar. You will be reminded of a note on the date to which it was assigned. You can also lock a note with a master password. Nobody will be able to access it without the master password. Rated A - Juma Abdulkadir - The Limitless Triangle - 11/11/2016
  • On The Job is a time tracking and invoicing app that can help Ishidos accurately track time for work they do as well as create invoices for clients. It works for both Mac and PC
  • Slack Brings all your communication together in one place. It''s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.
  • LIFT-A free application that plays the role of a motivational coach and a support community with a habit tracker,habit coaching,leadership coaching,meditation guide. It can help with Goalbushido and in working at Lifebushido too. Madiha Ahmed-TriForce Triangle-11/20/2016
  • HipChat - Basic app is free. It allows you to share files via drag/drop, sync content across multiple devices/platforms, and provide voice/video conferencing and screen sharing. Also, very strong on security with 256 bit encryption and unlimited chat room access. Can prove to be very beneficial because one of the perks is that it saves chat history. Tashia Doby - Triangulators - 12/6/2016
  • Avaamo - This business messenging app seems to be a good idea for cross communication between clients and assistants as it would allow for easier communication, group chat, and sharing at the click of a button. Tashia Doby - Triangulators - 12/6/2016
  • LifeTick - This is a free goal setting app. It makes you create a main core value, then you create a goal that relates to that value. It then makes you select a S.M.A.R.T. goal and hold you accountable for meeting that goal. Rated A - Shakeyla Roberson - Tres Chic Triangle - 12/07/2016
  • Ginger Software - A writing app for desktop and mobile. Will help you write faster and more accurate. It automatically detect and correct misused words and grammar mistakes. Rated A- Christine Ann Tugade - The A Team - 12/07/2016

Suggested Website Services

These have been reviewed and may have a useful purpose

  • Flash Issue Flash Issue is an app the works with GMAIL. Design amazing emails with drag and drop editor. Create mailing lists and bulk emails. Great marketing tool. And its FREE!
  • -Redbooth is an online collaboration and communication platform that helps teams get work done. It’s a single place for teams to communicate, share and work together in real-time -- maximizing productivity and performance for everyone. Sabrina Brown - The A Team 12/5/2016
  • - no more time wasted on editing and personalizing your videos. Come over to Magisto and let them bring your pictures and videos to life with there auto video editing generator. Just input your media, add comments and taglines, select your tunes, and pic one of many video templates. Let your business shine!!! - Tamika Givans - The A Team - 12/5/2016 - A-rating
  • and say good-bye to SMS!
    WhatsApp Messenger is available for Android, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone and BlackBerry and there is no PIN or username to remember - it works just like SMS and uses your internet data plan. WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform, encrypted instant messaging client for smartphones.It uses the Internet to send text messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio message to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers.This is very useful app for communication within the triangle.Priyadarshini Subramanium-Virtual Dream Team Triangle-11/09/2016
  • NItro PDF allows you to securely sign, approve, collaborate, and manipulate your documents online and on your desktop; comes in a free version that allows for digital signing and editing of PDFs and enhanced version that converts files to other formats and more. Rated A-Shanreca Crawford-Benjamin-LOL Triangle-9/10/2016
  • PDFsam is a FREE and fast way to merge PDF files and is especially helpful to Realtors who are not or have clients that are not tech savvy and still use paper. Rated A- Shanreca Crawford-Benjamin- LOL-Life Out Loud Triangle- 9/10/2016
  • Tailwind is a Pinterest marketing tool with free and premium options, allowing users to schedule Pins, track content sharing and engagement rates and see how specific Boards are performing (at the time of this post, Tailwind for Instagram is on a Request an Invite status). I have used Tailwind to augment my Pinterest analytics information and find it insightful and pretty user-friendly. The ability to see which Boards garner the most engagement can help you get an accurate idea of what your target audience is interested in and what they take action on, as well. Rated A - Jenny Good - The Expansion Collective Triangle - 08/09/2016
  • is a website thatunifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and a software-defined conference room solution into one easy-to-use platform. You can get a great video meeting experience from your desktop, mobile device and conference room. I attended group meetings as a virtual fitness coach using this and was very satisfied. - Donna McLean - Dream Makers - 08/08/2016 - A Rating
  • - is a website that has a large amount of expert content on the internet. If you want to find anything with a reliable write up from food and health to inspirational quotes and employment. - Jamie Bolton - Pura Vida Triangle - 07/10/2016 - A Rating
  • SMEpals - is a free source for entrepreneurs at all stages of business. It has helpful tips and hints for anyone at any stage of business. It also has sections such as inspiring quotes from other entrepreneurs. Jamie Bolton - Pura Vida Triangle - 07/10/2016 - A Rating
  • – SumoMe is a suite of free traffic-boosting website tools that are easy to install and works on any website or blog. You can connect your favorite services to use with SumoMe such as: AWeber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Get Response, Vertical Response, Emma, and HubSpot. Rhonda Donahoe – Pura Vida – 07/10/2016 – A Rating
  • – A simple, free to use, drag and drop design tool that can be used to create presentations, social media graphics, business cards, email headers, flyers, invitations, cards, and more. It features hundreds of professional pre-designed templates, photo filters, free icons and shapes, and hundreds of fonts. Canva also offers a free design school to help users learn how to effectively use the service to create a variety of projects. Rhonda Donahoe -- Pura Vida -- 07/10/2016 -- A Rating; 8/2/16 - Denise Rezsonya - Dream Makers -- Canva is user friendly and allows you to create extremely professional looking designs for free - I use it often and love it - A Rating. - Larry Johnson - The Expansion Collective Triangle - 08/8/2016 - A Rating - I have used Canva to create a banner for Facebook.
  • - This is a European social network originally known as VKontakte. It is more or less like Facebook but just with a few minor differences. It is available in many languages but it is more popular among the Russians. If you lived or are living in the European region this is a good way to find old friends and family there. Although I would not recommend it if you already have Facebook. Bathsheba Khosa - Game Changers - May 2016.
  • slack- Its easy to use and interactive. Its quite similar to other chatting platform but there is a little fun to it though. Marianne Alacida- Game-Changes-May 10,2016
  • slack I think slack is simple, efficient, yet powerful group chat app. It's become very popular for every kind of team and workplace because it fosters communication and bonding among colleagues whether they share a physical space or not. It keeps communication going while cutting down on unnecessary emails. Jeremy Cohn - Quiet Storm Triangle May 2016
  • - This sight seems like LinkedIn to me but just abroad. The sight is used for career building, finding old co-workers, friends, meeting new people and having open discussions. The app is on Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Store. Accounts are free unless you're looking for the professional side then you have to pay for premium. Veronica James- Game Changers- May 10, 2016.
  • Its a easy interactive technology for creating online presentations.Shipra Agnihotri-Enrichment Chi-May 11,2016
  • - Amazing resource for learning various coding languages from beginner to advanced, all for free. Great for programmers and web developers! Cassandra Day / Game Changers / May 10, 2016
  • Trello - With an interface similar to Pinterest, I was immediately attracted. Accounts are free for individuals, but a business package is offered as well. This could be a great tool for managing team projects, or for tracking individual progress on goals, i.e., Goalbushido! Stephanie Campbell - Quiet Storm Triangle - May 10, 2016
  • Pixas BayPixa Bay - A great place to get a wide variety of free high quality images for all of your Triangle and Lifebushido creative project needs. No attribution needed for either personal or commercial use, except for the images that are specifically stamped with their for-fee-image website logos. I've used pixabay images for over a year now, often for work, and haven't had to search on other sites or google additional images ever since. Giving it an A for quality, selection and the ease of use. Tijana Cekic - Game-Changers - May 10, 2016.
  • This website is a free service that allows you to conduct video and audio conferences along with screen sharing. The screen sharing goes beyond seeing someone else's screen, but also allows other members to make corrections, if given permission by the leader. It also has an extra feature: you can record your meetings. Heba Zaman- Masterminds- May 6, 2016.
  • -The place where you can share your business ideas and network with the people having same interest. Shipra Agnihotri - Masterminds -May 5th, 2016
  • - This would be helpful for conference calls. Skype has a lot of break up calls. Presentations could also be done here such as orientation for new people to the Triangles to have a more in-depth understanding. Recruit - Masterminds - Rebecca Anguiano, May 5th, 2016
  • - Is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word, where you can create, essays, spreadsheets and documents and convert into a file. Best part of it all, it is absolutely FREE. Recruit- Masterminds- Mindy Atlakson, May 5th, 2016
  • https://prezi.comCreate presentations, visit here for details Here is a presentation I created on the 7 Daily Email process
    (EmilyBailey, Triumphant's Triangle, 04/11/2016)
  • - This Ebay Keyword Tool reveals top Ebay Searches/keyword in most categories. Great if you sell any items, including books/software. (Verice Smith, Tenacious)
  • free graphics/pictures (Ashlee Hughes, Advantageous Triangle, 3/16/2016)
  • build your own website here, including contact form, store front, videos, and more (Ashlee Hughes, Advantageous Triangle, 3/16/2016)
  • an emailing platform (Ashlee Hughes, Advantageous Triangle, 3/16/2016)
  • Google Analytics a free way to track traffic and source for your webpages (Ashlee Hughes, Advantageous Triangle, 3/16/2016)
  • Hatena Blog is a free blogging service that is feature rich and easy to use. Create a blog to tell stories about your life, express your opinions, and share your thoughts and ideas with the world. This would be useful to clients who use our Marketing/Blogging Services. (Susan Johnson, Wizards at Work, 3/14/16)
  • is a system that allows the user to easily manage all their social media in one convenient location. It allows you to schedule your posts, interact with your followers, easily find content, and measure your results. This would be useful to those that are working on client's social media to make it more time efficient and effective. (Heather Moreau, Slivers of Nature Triangle, 2/16/2016)
  • is a video conference website that is available across all platforms; Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. It features mobile screen sharing, multiple listening options (through the web or dial in), and has a very easy to use and understand interface. It is especially great for training purposes, when you'd like your trainee to hear VOIP telephone conversations (ie: listening in on a call to get an understanding of call flow and call handling). Rating A (Kristin Dolinar, Slivers of Nature Triangle, 02/14/2016)
  • is an online visual dictionary/ thesaurus that would be a very useful tool for Lifebushido employees. This site gives you examples of the different parts of speech a word could be used in (noun, verb) along with giving its definition and multiple words you could use in its place. Rating A (Amelia Shepherd, Seven Virtues Triangle, 02/12/2016
  • A free media clip converter application, it lets you download, record and convert nearly any audio or video. this website would be very useful for triangle members working on any project that requires members to download audio or video files to facilitate collaboration on group projects. -Joy Lima Seven Virtues Triangle 02/12/2016
  • Digg is a great place to stay up to date on current stories from all over the world. It is a website where you can find inspiration and information, as well a great place to promote ideas. If you sign up for an account, you will have access to stories that cover a wide variety of topics. Through their submission link you can share online content that interests you with the digg community. This site can be used as a place to help spark Marketing ideas that resonate with current issues and events, as well as a place to promote Lifebushido events and services. Many stories featured on digg end up on social media websites. Rating A (Lauren Morrell, Seven Virtues Triangle, 02/11/16)
  • Grammarly is a free service to help improve writing skills. It can check against 250 grammar rules, check for plagiarism, and help improve vocabulary. (Shannon Fowler, United Fusion Triangle, 10/11/2015)
  • Moxtra is a free online app that integrates with other tools like Dropbox, Evernote, SalesForce, PayPal, etc., for a seamless collaboration experience across multiple platforms. (Shannon Fowler, United Fusion Triangle, 10/11/2015)
  • is a very easy to use screen and audio recorder with no additional software to download. You can make presentations and tutorials up to 15 min in length with the site's free option. When you're finished recording, you can upload to YouTube or save to your computer. Grade - A (Loriann Hamelwright, The Ground Breakers, 04/11/2015)
  • a free and simple online file converter that works with a wide range of file types. It will convert any document, archive file, spreadsheet, audio and video file from one format to another. They service is offered at absolutely no charge and without the need to download additional software. Just click the Browse button, select your file and upload it. We will take care of the rest.
  • serves as a “meeting place” for researching, documenting, and promoting peer to peer practices. Leaders, associates, and adventurers of Lifebushido and Lifebushido Triangle will find this website a “support” service to their business, creative, and social entrepreneurial ventures by which they provide for the world. Joining the P2P Foundation’s mailing list through various social networks provides the latest information, discussions, and debates. Grade = A ~Marie Walton, ThePursuer’sGroup, 1/01/2015
  • is a user friendly website that can be used by professionals that work with clients that are located in different time zones. You can set the converter to four different time zones and also add appointments to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iCalendar. There is also a schedule grouping feature that allows you to have more than one schedule. This website is not only useful and time saving, it is also free! Grade = A (Meagan O'Quinn, Equilateral Vision, 12/10/2014)
  • Oracle marketing cloud. Very well presented webpage. Organized. Appears to be very useful as a marketing tool. The cost for basic service is apparently $2,000. They also have basic cloud service for small teams. You must call for that price. (Delia Arias - Muses Realm - 9/13/2014)
  • GetGlue is a social media site that is video based. You can post videos of conferences, infomercials, and commercials for the public to view and rate. It's beneficial to businesses because they can get their products and services out on social media and get live feedback from their audience. Also, this site has an app that can be accessed from mobile devices so it can be viewed and utilized from virtually anywhere, anytime. (Paige Northern [[tel:12/7/2013|12/7/2013]] N.E.E.O Recruit Triangle)
  • This would be good for people who have a business and would like to advertise on it. This social media site has a variety of people on it everyday from around the world.(Beth Cooper 3/31/14 Life Purpose Triangle)
  • Moodle could have some potential in improving the Triangle recruiting process. It kind of reminds me a bit of Blackboard, but it is different. I think if the recruit process could be organized into more of a course-like experience. I am not sure Moodle would offer exactly what Triangles need, but it would be a step up. Being able to keep the Triangle information more organized and in a standard spot with more direction might be something Moodle could do. ([[tel:12/7/2013|12/7/2013]] N.E.E.O. Recruit Triangle)
  • Weebly is a great site that can help you create a professional looking website. There are a lot of elements available for customization and the site is very user friendly. I use this site currently my professional website for over 7 years. This may be hopefully when assisting clients who are looking to more web options. Grade A (Rita Ogbeama 11/14/13 Vibrant Visionaries Triangle).
  • When working in an online environment sometimes it would easier to explain most situation when you have a visual. I love Gyazo! Whenever I am working on a creative project or experiencing something that is better said with a picture I can take a screenshot of my screen at the click of a button. They just made an update to the site and now you are able to record your screen using the software. It has been a lifesaver for me working from home the last 2 year would be great for teams at Lifebushido, Grade A+ (Rita Ogbeama 11/14/13 Vibrant Visionaries Triangle).
  • I have so many resources. This is the last one for today. Smart Recruiter has been great when I need to recruit for work from home positions. It allows you to create job openings, track applicants, and email the candidates. This may be helpful in the recruiting process for Lifebushido. Grade A (Rita Ogbeama 11/14/13 Vibrant Visionaries Triangle).
  • is a location-based marketing and analytics platform made for businesses and brands to run real-time location-based promotions. This will be a great marketing source for Lifebushido's VAs to promote their services targeting their local real estate broker or real estate agent who may be in need of their assistance/services. . ( Verice Smith 10/13 Rising Star Triangle.)
  • - The Webclipper by Evernote is a toolbar and/or app that takes a snapshot of a website, while preserving the content and functionality at the time of the clipping. Users can also markups the page with notes. This would be useful for Lifebushido new recruits, as well as employees, to collaborate with team members, maintain wikis, brainstorm ideas, and preserve research. (Jamie Cole, Pacesetters' Triangle, 10/3/13).
  • - The Creative Commons Attribution License provides a standard way for users to allow others to use their work to create new video etc. Users can mark videos with a Creative Commons license when uploading which grants permission for others to for use. This would be helpful to create marketing materials, particularly for Lifebushido Triangle creative projects. Also, with so many team members scattered across the world, this concept makes it possible for all team members to participate in the creation and editing of a video for a project. Lifebushido could also submit videos with creative license permissions as a marketing tool to expand the brand presence and promote the Lifebushido culture. (Rating A by Jamie Cole, Scribe, The Pacesetters' Triangle, 10/3/13)
  • Extreme Entrepreneurship Education is the former name of a company now called Empact. Extreme Entrepreneurship Education is also a program of formal study at the master’s degree level at Full Sail University. The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour is an invite only and concept spreading tour presented at the collegiate level by the company Empact. Extreme Entrepreneurship Education can be defined as teaching individuals to be entrepreneurs. Verneice Starling, Pacesetters’ Triangle 10/01/2013
  • GroupMe is an app for creating an environment like a private chat room on any mobile device. GroupMe works on native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phone, SMS, computer, and table Verneice Starling, Pacesetters’ Triangle 10/01/2013
  • GalleyCat is a free resource web site for e-book formatting and marketing. The site contains links to other web sites providing guidance to writers for publishing e-bookson a variety of web publishing sites. The site also lists other sites relevant to self-publishing via the Internet and mobile devices. Verneice Starling, Pacesetters’ Triangle10/01/2013
  • WIX have been using this as my website creator for about 5 years now. Even deployed some for schools and businesses. The ease of design and deployment and the variety of tools are great and can be very professional. Franz Bautista, Pacesetter triangle, Grade A, (9/27/2013)
  • Google Apps have been using Google Apps for email, colloboration and sharing since 2000. Its a fast, easy and efficient way of communicating and sharing. Have also deployed this for use in educational and corporate institutions. Franz Bautista, Pacesetter triangle, Grade A, (9/27/2013)
  • Teamviewer | Free for personal use as a remote desktop software or an online meeting or Online presentation platform up to and online audience of 25. Have used this for support and Online meetings. Grade A, Franz Bautista, Pacesetter Triangle, (9/27/2013)
  • Chikka Philippine based free online text/chat website. I sometimes for get my smartphone and use this to SMS friends and clients. They still recognize my number as if I am using my smartphone. Although maine use is in Manila, Philippines. Grade A, Franz Bautista, Pacesetter Triangle, (9/27/2013)
  • As far as websites and services, AnyMeeting ( has a free version of it's service. Anymeeting is just like Go-To-Meeting. You can have an online conference or do |training online. I've used it on the job and it is very convenient. Join.Me ( ) allows users to share their computer screens. I've used it once, sharing my screen with someone to show them my application configurations. Very convenient if you need to 'show' instead of 'tell'. It is also free to use. Rated A: Dana Stanley-Collective Apex Triangle, Francine Pollaci, Peace 4U Triangle - Grade A - someone from my triangle initiated a meeting through this site and I was so impressed with the quality of the call; and that it was free that I signed up immediately afterward. Rated A: Dannett Frey - Encouragement Building Confidence, Grade A - A very easy to use conference call set up. Very important if unsure of how to use one for the first time.
  • GoogleTalk is a downloadable chat application by Google. It is a free service that you can use to [[#|send files]] and chat in real time. This can be convenient because it allows for a quick way to communicate, and it is linked to your Google email account. Anyone that is looking to be able to organize their contacts, share files, and chat (for business or personal) would find GoogleTalk to be an efficient program. Rated A: Shani Rainge-Collective Apex Triangle;I'm a big fan of google talk. Anyone with a google email can access this. It's available on your gmail web page, as a messaging system on your desktop or as an app on your smartphone. If a member is unavailable and you send a message to them, it goes directly to your email account. Rating: A - a great, free way to stay connected (Heather Clarke, Scribe, Litotes Triangle) Lashonda Archer-Impact Triangle-B+, Franz Bautista, Pacesetter Triangle, Grade A, (9/27/2013)
  • is an online file transfer site. Businesses can use this file sharing site within their companies or with employees telecommuting. A person can work on a file and save it to dropbox and anyone that needs it can access it from any computer anywhere, as long as they have the ID and password to access.Pictures, files and video can be accessed from this site. Rated: A. Laquita Amos- August2012Triangle Rated A: Christy Tree-Trinity Triangle
  • This is a great site to store your files and access them in another work area/place. You can share access to a particular folder within a group/team and if a person needs to update the file, everyone else who shares the folder will receive the same updated file. This helps update information and shared files within a team. Rated: A. (Bernadette Figueras, Member, Life Purposes Triangle) 04/05/2014
  • is an online pin board. Images, files, video can all be uploaded to it. Can also be used as a vision or drea
  • Is a website that provides code enabling you to add customizable customer/ client feedback directly to your own website. Its founded hopes to simplify and beautify the process, doing most of the work for you. This service could be of use to anyone lacking the skill needed to create an effective client feedback display on their own. Angela Harris-August2012Triangle
  • is a video conferencing services.
  • Windows Live Messenger This was helpful in group chats, group emails, and skydrive, which allows for shared documents and creation of doc's and files within the group.
    This messenger is good because not only can you chat while typing it would allow you to video chat using a webcam. I give this a A rating.( Brenda Hammond Axiom triangle). I definitely give this an A rating because it is very easy to use and it gives you a way to stay in contact anywhere you go (Danetra Arthur-Walking Tall Triangle)
  • GroupMe - You can chat within a set up group to discuss anything, which you can also post pictures as well.People will have to sign up individually, this is a free site. Rating would be B for it is not a A simply because there is no video chat or video upload available to do so that is the only downfall. Lashonda Archer-Impact Triangle-A+
  • Google Offer - It is basically a business to consumer advertising platform with deep discounts to get customers to buy. It could be a possibility for the Best Business, if Google is able to filter its customers to only include real estate agents. Wanda Thornton - Passionate Visionaries
  • - Connects small business to venture capitalists. It is useful if additional cash resources are required for expansion or other expenditures. Wanda Thornton - Passionate Visionaries
  • Facebook Deals-Allows a business to send out deals to local customers that check in at the business. Can be useful if a customer is in the area. There is no fee right now. Rate it a C. Mary Ann Thompson - Passionate Visionaries
  • companies can use this service to get an honest accurate idea of what their customers really think about their new product. So they can make the most profit. Idealscale offers 99.99% uptime,personal account managers, and they open up their software so you can customize it to fit your needs. It does all the feedback,brainstorming and crowdsourcing. Fees range from $15 to $2500. Rate A. Mary Ann Thompson-Passionate Visionaries
  • - Rypple is a social performance management company. They will help with providing performance reviews, information, feedback, and goal setting to team members. If a small business does have a HR department or enough management to maintain these aspects of the business, Rypple will provide this for only $9.00 per/month. Alane Ip-Passionate Visionaries.
  • - greenGOOSE is a company the charges $49.00 for one sensor and a base. With this sensor you can monitor one thing like feeding your dog (the opening of the bag or one on the dish) and then the base will send this info to your i-phone and tell you the dog was feed. This company is in it's infancy and still has along way to go. I think it is too costly unless you are a working mom are really, really worried about the dog starving. Otherwise there has to be some way for the dog to tell you they are hungry. Alane Ip - Passionate Visionaries.
  • - Happy Grasshopper writes exciting emails that will inticite clients to contact you. Small businesses would benefit from this service. The company provides the contact list and the business is given 3 choices of emails, which go out at least twice per month, that can be personalized. Lifebushido triangles should be able to model off of this company and provide similar services to their clients. The cost is only $19.99/month for 500 contacts. Well worth adding to an advertising budget. Alane Ip - Passionate Visionaries.
  • - UserVoice is a powerful feedback and help desk tool that can help businesses and website owners stay in touch with their customer base. The application offers a number of functions related to communication between a business and their customers. Feedback can be obtained when the user adds UserVoice to their website. The feedback system works by allowing visitors to post their ideas and vote on existing ideas. It offers a streamlined way to communicate with consumers. The user can instantly respond to customer inquiries and problems and keep track of support tickets. The Kudos system allows the user’s customer to praise the service they receive (if they feel it is praise-worthy). Rate: A – There is a 30 day trial. Mona Santos - Passionate Visionaries
  • - It allows sales people to send personalized emails to their prospects and monitor their response in real-time. The Genius Tracker – sort of an instant messaging client – gives immediate alerts if prospects visit the company’s website. Sales people can sign up individually, without having to involve the IT department. Some of its great advantages are is that it’s easy to use, no IT involvement, marketing and sales collaboration, instant response and real time integration. Rate: A, Mona Santos - Passionate Visionaries
  • mind mapping tool--Mindomo offers two levels of service: free and premium. Allows visual brainstorming storage in a map format, and supports sharing of ideas through a contacts mode as well as a local cache for use offline. Similar services used quite often in schools to encourage wider thinking and creativity. Rating: B for the service itself, A for the concept. Kelly Welch, Sakusei Suru Chimu. Kelli Sanders, August20212 Triangle, Rating B. This sounds great for creating and maintaining the wiki page for individual Triangles.
  • - mind mapping tool--Mindmeister is geared heavily toward facilitating collaboration offering services such as color-coding of contributors and historical playback of edits. It also allows sign up/sign in via Facebook as well as both Android and iOS interfaces. Drag and drop editing for files and uploads facilitates layout. It resembles Power Point in that it allows a great deal of customization either through Mindmeister provided themes or user specific preferences. Rating: A. Kelly Welch, Sakusei Suru Chimu. A great way to organize your thoughts on a project, decision, or anything really! A similar concept to writing your goals, but this helps you organize your THOUGHTS instead of goals, and put them into action! Lacey Davis, Axiom Triangle GRADE A. Andrea Grogan, Besuto Triangle Grade A - very useful in setting goals and recording ideas!
  • Production innovation site helps companies achieve their goals. Put communities where customers are. Christine Wright-Rating A,Sakusei Suru Chimu
  • - BuboBox allows customers to put video testimonials on your site with ease. What better way to attract new clients then to have them hear from other satisfied customers. Tim Gaynord,
    Sakusei Suru Chimu.
  • - UserVoice helps your business give its customers the support they deserve. UserVoice provides hosted feedback forums, which allow customers to create, discuss, and vote for ideas which allow you to answer your customers' questions quicker and with less effort. Tim Gaynord, Sakusei Suru Chimu.
  • - Salespider is a social network for small business professionals which has a network setup similar to facebook. The site features a community, marketplace, biz center and many opportunities for interaction and the opportunity to meet new people. The marketplace consists of classifieds, job center and resume placements for job seekers. The biz center has a business directory where a new business can list their company and services offered as well as search for already existing business professionals. The opportunity section is great for those who would like to apply for contracts with established corporations such as German automakers and financial service groups in the United States and Europe. Rating A: Tyrolienne Smith, Dynamic Stars Triangle
  • The Enterprise Social Network. Yammer is made up of three groups. Premium Groups- Manage Admins, Members, Message Delivery, Announcements, and File Storage. Find Anything With Universal Search- Allows you to search any information without having to toggle through various open website windows. Share Across Groups: Share conversations, files and pages with other groups. Start a private message about a file. Enable or disable external sharing as a group or network. Trudy Kolar, Vision Quest Grade B--this site offers great team social forums, but to get the most out of it there is a fee for usage.
  • Claim your idea where many people can participate in the reality of social ideation. You can control who helps work on your idea. Working together, you can turn your idea into a reality.AHHHA--Follow Your Dream Trudy Kolar, Vision Quest Grade A--this site could offer great ideas for a creative project.
  • A website designed to help you decide what to read next or what your friends are reading. It is a great site for book clubs. Featuring, best for book clubs list, best books of the 20th century, and the best of crime and mystery. The site also includes trivia questions, quizzes and quotes. Trudy Kolar, Vision Quest Grade A-- this site is great for those who are writing an E-Book about Lifebushido, Rebecca Davis, Vision Quest Grade A - this is a great site, use it all the time for book suggestions, etc. - Francine Pollaci, Peace 4U Grade B - I thought this was a great site because it gave a reallybroad review of many books under each topic, the only thing was that some books were much older publications, however - it did tell you that wqhen you hover over the book. Easy to use, easy to find what you are looking for, easy to sign in with several options.
  • is a website that allows you to take something such as a power point presentation and turn it into a video complete with voice enhancement. You can also upload an existing video, or produce a podcast. These videos are available on demand on, a website used by thousands of companies. This could be a very cost effective way to greatly increase marketing. Anyone anywhere can have access to the information on this website, leading to more leads, and more sales. Rating A: Rae Jones, Dynamic Stars
  • This website is geared towards the concept of posting your dream business onto it's home-page and directing traffic, to it such as your friends, family, and using search engine optimization, ads, etc, and they can donate funds directly with what they can afford to fund the business securely to support the entrepreneur. I believe it would be wonderful for Lifebushido to partner with it's New Business contacts to post on this site to aid in helping them take off. Because if they are successful, then Lifebushido is successful. Diane Fisher Dynamic Stars Triangle
  • - Aviary is a suite of powerful creative applications that you can use right in your web browser. We're on a mission to make creation accessible to artists of all genres, from graphic design to audio editing. --- Rebecca Davis, Vision Quest, Grade A. I find this web site very helpful when designing graphics, etc. Great tool!!
  • - PDF creator. Simple and easy! Upload your Word Doc and it emails it back to you in PDF format within minutes. -- Rebecca Davis, Vision Quest, Grade AI use this all the time. I love it. Kelli Sanders, August20212, This sounds wonderful for any group sharing ideas. Nothing is worse than dealing with formatting issues.
  • online PDF Converter PDF Creator. Very Simple. upload file place email address. sent immediately. Susan Wilkins Jiritsu triangle, Grade A. Rating: A, Dannett Frey, Encouragement Building Confidence, makes it very easy to create a PDF without having to search for the document afterwards.
  • Google documents - Helps team members create, share, edit documents, spread sheets, presentations, and simple websites online. It is easy to use and helps you carry your group documents and other work files in space. Grace Kaggwa, Axiom Triangle, Grade A Lashonda Archer-Impact Triangle-A, Olweny John Leonard, Efficiency Triangle, Grade A, This is very convenient to use when exporting files online to a PDF file. I personally use it myself and it works for me (Danetra Arthur-Walking Tall Triangle).
  • Prior to reviewing this page for Lifebushido, I have had experience with this page due to my association with the Secret Society of Happy People (SOHP). This website is the home of Dr. Seligman and he is a pretty unique doctor. He directs the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, and in a summary, he studies positive emotions and positive thought. He has numerous questionnaires on topics such as "Authentic Happiness Inventory," "Gratitude Questionnaire," and "Optimism Test" and in general his work is VERY useful for finding your meaning in life and identifying the things in your life that you find satisfying. I would HIGHLY recommend this site in conjunction with Goalbushido as a means of finding your joy! ~Cindy Taylor, Axiom Triangle. Grade A (coupled with Goalbushido)
  • - They are no longer offering sign-ups for this service. However, their customer service person offered basecamp as a possible alternative. You can view how basecamp works on this page: It looks like it could be a useful service for triangle members, or any other work group, as it would enable everyone to keep track of their current project by having everything in one place. Caroline Collins, Maven.
  • - This site offers a unique advertising opportunity for businesses. There are three paid package levels - Standard, Advanced and Premium, all affordable to business owners, plus a Free option which provides a very limited service. Joining at the paid package level allows you to create a profile which is viewable by reporters and bloggers looking for good, knowledgeable sources. Becoming known and advertised as a "trusted source" can assist in creating company growth. This could be useful for promoting Lifebushido or our clients. Caroline Collins, Maven.
  • - Easy-to-use webpage building site with lots of free templates you can edit anyway you like. The service is free, or you can upgrade to a paid service for more features. Could be a useful alternate to the wiki or google pages for personal or triangle sites. I made a quick test page here: . Caroline Collins, Maven. Grade A;Rated A: Christy Tree-Trinity Triangle
  • looks great! It offers good marketing tools to sell your products and services. I especially liked the Tracking Marketing Campaigns including Social Media Activities section. I noticed upon sign up you do need a business email account; You cannot use a yahoo account, must be something that tracks back to a business. So I guess you could use your work email, not sure about that yet. If you can get a corporate email account this would be a great service for marketing our creative projects. I did not sign up but would consider it in the future!
  • This offers a nationwide 800 number but you can forward it to your cell phone and receive calls anywhere and it only started at $12 dollars a month. I think this would be good for anyone not only running a business with employees but for someone just starting out who needs to be mobile and doesn’t want to miss a thing. I don’t think this would be good for our group right now as were not a business that needs a number but if we have other opportunities in the future arise for our group and Triangle definitely a service to check out.
  • is a client management database that is easy to use and understand. It's features include instant messaging, calendar updates, a Facebook-esque platform that you can post status updates and even PowerPoint presentations, producing and sending invoices, the ability to post project statuses and reminders, and much more. The only downside is the cost; the smallest package is about $750 annually per user. There is a 30-day free trial so you can test it out and see if it makes sense to make the investment. I have used SalesForce with another company and loved all of the features and benefits, however, the hefty price tag takes my grade down to a B+.
  • Constant Contact ( is an email marketing service that allows businesses to send email blasts, newsletters, event marketing, and surveys out to their business contacts. The cost ranges from $15-150 per month depending on how many emails you send out (if you send more than 25,000 the cost is negotiated). They have a new service called SaveLocal where companies can create deals on their products and services. These deals are email blasted out to the contact database and then you are charged between $3-19 for each deal purchased. I have only used Constant Contact for newsletters and thought the service was just OK. The site crashed several times as the newsletter was being created. This was in 2010. Grade: C Kelli Sanders, August20212 Triangle, This sounds like a great way to reach clients and Lifebushido members; not only for announcements, but feedback as well.
  • This blog site has evolved from a woman’s love notes for her kids into a mini-movement of sharing love messages in various public spots. The site includes message templates, workshop information, photos of the public signs. One sign was placed at the location of an accident and the parents were grateful. While not directly applicable to Lifebushido, this site is a fine example of out-of-the-box thinking and the kind of values central to Lifebushido. I’m putting up a sign at our local market today. Rated: ARichard Trump – Human Potential Triangle
  • Sparked uses the power of social networking to help business promote their products by creating Brand Evangelists out of customers and gain valuable input into solving specific problems through these networks. Seems an excellent use of social media, used by a number of big name clients. Not directly usable to individuals, so not useful for triangles Rated: B+Richard Trump – Human Potential Triangle
  • - This looks like a great place to get creative minds together as well as a place to share or exchange services. This looks like a great place for those who are looking to buy from small businesses rather than large corporations. Rated: A Jessica Dodson - Human Potential Triangle
  • - Giftflow uses social networking and the idea of pay-it-forward to provide needs to one another and giving the opportunity to help others rather than just seeking to fill your own needs. It is about providing what you are able to while also having the ability to ask for your needs and allowing others to help you in return. Rated: A Jessica Dodson - Human Potential Triangle
  • Skype- Free IM and video chat. You can make phone calls to other Skype users for free. If you want to call a non-Skype user then you would have to pay- Rated A Tami Robertson 12-12 Trinity Triangle-
  • Vipid is a website that allows you to use your own text and images to create a brief video introduction or animated card. The user can choose from a variety of themes, ranging from festive and fun to theatrical or professional. This could be an interesting site for triangles to use when developing their creative project. You can make a video for free, if you don't mind their watermark showing on a portion of the screen. Ginger Ramage - Peace 4U Triangle - Rated: B
  • - This is a very handy site that anyone can utilise if they need a service but are on a budget - the system is based on "barter", so one user will seek a service and offer something in return without any actual cash changing hands. There are countless ways that the links provided on this site could be used - Rated A - Tracie Walker - Peace 4U Triangle
  • is a really awesome website that offers an app to use for group text messaging right on your cell phone. I think it would be perfect for Lifebushido triangles because this way everyone in the group can be texting each other in a chat format. It's great for if members of the triangle are not at their computers or are having tech issues. It's simple, convenient and best of all, it's free! -Billye. Murphy -Litotes Triangle 1/31/13; George Baayenda-Impact Triangle.
  • - This site is location based marketing and analytics. This may be handy when looking for real estate agents in the area. While it may be a bit more than emailing agents, it looks as though it would definitely help for more in depth marketing. It allows you to reach out to multiple people at once, which is a nice time saving tool. Rating: B - for our immediate purposes, this might not be necessary but definitely something to remember for the future. (Heather Clarke, Litotes Triangle, Scribe)
  • www.Marketo.comMarketo has marketing automation software. It is a great tool for businesses that generates leads and wants to track customer involvement. The software is easy to use and powerful. It has been mentioned in Forbes magazine. Rated A - Candace Taylor - Impact Triangle, Andrea Grogan, Besuto Triangle, Grade A, A great way to gain knowledge and insights into many different types of marketing.
  • Optify is a program for tracking inbound traffic to your site. They track all traffic, buyer research activity, and leads from your website and social networks so you can measure the impact of all of your programs in one place. Rated A - Candace Taylor - Impact Triangle
  • MIT Global Challenge Platform - Similar to the idea of a Lifebushido Triangle, team members have the option to collaborate on this platform to work together for a cause. Particularly, this would be great social project that expands the Triangle impact globally by identifying problems and providing solutions for community development challenges. This could be a new, sort of out-of-the-box way to expand the Triangles. (Angie Middleton, Greater Heights Triangle, Scribe)
  • - Best online translator I have come across on the web, it helps you find suitable translations and equivalences in many languages. Useful for those of us that do not have English as mother tongue. Almost any word you can think of is there. Very valuable when writing and in doubt. Also helps you use words in the right context. Rated A (Leticia Santos. Impact triangle, connector).
  • is something that I have used in the past to talk to someone. It is an IM type of tool but with video. It is a free web to other Skype user. The down side is that if another user does not have Skype it will cost money to connect and if the other person does not have a camera then it is audio only.-Rated A -Sherrie Lopez-Globalnetwork18 Triangle
  • AdParlor: this is an online advertising software dedicated for FaceBook, which I think, will be useful for LifeBushido. It tracks cookies to leverage website visits, and it allows advertisers the leverage to self- manage their campaign using adparlor software tools, or employ AdParlor to do so. I would Rate A, Roopali Jain, global network 18 triangle.
  • have developed an application which could aid Recruit Triangles to systematically generate creative ideas from infancy to implementation stage- George Baayenda- Impact Triangle.
  • Voki | A free avatar creation feature that allows a user to customize an avatar, including giving it a voice. The avatar is widely used by educators and would be a great resource for use on a website/web page to provide instructional support . . . or more. I reviewed this site and I think it would be a great a marketing tool because instead of viewers reading information on a marketing ad, an avatar can be created that talks for you. Faith Williams - Desire Triangle
  • --Provides a web-based software for creating product videos and marketing videos online;it requiress no video editing skills,just answer a few simple questions about your product and based on it Stinger Videos automatically scripts and creates a marketing video with 3D animation and sound effects (with hollywood movie trailer like look and feel).What's more,as a bonus they even distribute your video to 14+ video sharing sites like YouTube,Veoh, etc to get you lots of targeted traffic! (It has a 14 day free trial,after it's only 97 cents per video,up to 80 per month). I tried it out with made-up product,and it's very user-friendly. Rated A, Robin Renshaw - Desire Triangle
  •'s an interesting site that could be helpful to any budding entrepreneur --it's a meeting place with a wealth of insightful information for researching, documenting, and promoting peer-to-peer practices. Rated A, Robin Renshaw- Desire Triangle
  • Gmail ( Gmail is a free e-mail program by Google Inc. Minimal on graphics and fast-loading with a variety of easy-to-use features, Gmail is one of the most popular email services used online today. Rated: A, by Avinash, Visionary, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle (6-13-2013). Rated A, Franz Bautista, Pacesetter Triangle (9/27/2013). I rate this service a B+ (Danetra Arthur-Walking Tall). Rated A, Miguel Williams, The Muses Realm Triangle (09.09.2014).
  • Google Sites ( Google Sites is a do-it-yourself website development service by Google Inc. All it takes is 5 minutes to setup a Google Site. Customization is easy and simple - users can customize themes for use or download. Recommend for Zero-investment start-up websites, personal spaces and micro sites about a specific topic or purpose. A Gmail account is required to start a website on Google Sites. Rated: A, by Avinash, Visionary, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle (6-13-2013)
  • Blogger ( Blogger is a free blogging platform by Google Inc. Users can setup blogs using various templates and apply widgets on their blog. Highly customizable and monetizable, blog posts on Blogger can be drafted and scheduled for automated posting in the future. A Gmail account is required to create a blog on Rated: A, by Avinash, Visionary, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle (6-13-2013)
  • Facebook ( Facebook is the world's largest social network with over 500 million users worldwide. Registered users can share text, pictures, videos and URLs via their facebook profiles. Facebook can be integrated with other social networks and offers a variety of applications for use. Rated: A, by Avinash, Visionary, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle (6-13-2013)
  • Twitter ( Twitter is a micro-blogging social network where users are allowed to type 2-5 lines of updates called tweets. Twitter is one among the most popular mobile-phone-based social networks online. Rated: B, by Avinash, Visionary, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle (6-13-2013)
  • Pinterest ( Pinterest is an image-based social bookmarking service where users can collect sets of pictures in Pin Boards. Individual posts or pins can be commented upon, collected and shared. Very easy to use and good for search optimization, Pinterest is fast gaining recognition. Rated: A, by Avinash, Visionary, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle (6-13-2013)
  • Zoominfo: This would be a great resource for Lifebushido by finding the right people by helping sales people easily identify key decision makers, create and save target lists and by using web reference to build rapport. Recruiters can pinpoint talent, find hard to reach employees and get the whole story on candidates and contact potential candidates directly. Rating –A by Danielle Stumbo, Team Leader, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle
  • 99 designs ( is a great place to design a marketplace for your business. You can get help in designing a logo, webpage, business cards, mobile app, banners and books cover. This would be a great place for Lifebushido to get their name out in the marketplace by getting creative advice. There are 3 design packages which include the bronze package for the lean budget, the silver package for more design options and the gold package which is perfect for those who want to work with the best. Rating A by Danielle Stumbo, Team Leader, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle
  • Linkedin ( great place where business professionals can connect since there are 3 million companies that Linkedin Company pages. Linkedin Members are sharing insight and knowledge in more than 2.1 million LinkedIn Groups. Also LinkedIn members did over 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searched on the platform in 2012. Rating A by Danielle Stumbo, Team Leader, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle.SlS. Rating A, Dannett Frey, Encouragement Building Confidence, a great networking tool, but also has small groups to ask, discuss, and connect with others. 8/2/16 - Denise Rezsonya - Dream Makers - Rating A - Fantastic networking tool.
  • SlidePoint ( this would be a great resources for Lifebushido to use to create and deliver online presentations that do not require the Adobe Flash Player to operate, and therefore will work on any desktop or mobile device that supports html, css and javascript. The site is specifically designed to enable anyone to create and deliver presentations at no cost. Rating = A by Danielle Stumbo, Team Leader, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle
  • Zerpy ( great in that helps professionals connect with each other beyond their occupation title or job description. Lifebushido members can open networks where clients, employers and professional can all meet free of restrictions. It is a place with no hidden settings, no Googling questions, they try to keep thing simple and straightforward. Rating= A by Danielle Stumbo, Team Leader, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle
  • DocStoc ( would be great resource for LifeBushido since it has the best quality and widest selection of professional documents (over 20 million) which include expert videos, articles and productivity tools to make every small business do better. Docstoc also provides the technology to help facilitate the sharing and promotion of documents across the web and has popularized the use of embedding documents throughout the blogosphere and mainstream media. Rating A by Danielle Stumbo, Team Leader, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle
  • Website+Link: GEOTOKO ( A HootSuite Media Company Description:Geotoko is a location-based marketing and analytics platform made for businesses and brands to run real-time location based promotions. Build & launch location-based promotions on multiple platforms such Twitter, FaceBook and FourSquare. It would be a good way to get the word out about Lifebushido.Rating: A by Tammy Cook, Member, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle
  • Website + Link:Screenleap ( your screen instantly with a browser. No downloads, installs, or sign ups needed to view your screen. Easy sharing, hassle-free viewing and no setup. Seen in TechCrunch, Mashable, Cnet, Lifehacker and TNW (The Next Web). I believe this be something good for the triangles when we do the project.Rating: A by Tammy Cook, Member, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle
  • Website + Link:Optify ( Digital Marketing Software suite gives you an easy way to generate more high-quality leads, enable sales, and measure the impact of all of your programs in one place.We track all traffic, buyer research activity, and leads from your website and social networks so you can measure the impact of all of your programs in one place.Soundsok but not sure of the cost and how valuable it would be for Lifebushido. Rating B by Tammy Cook, Member, The Amazing Trifecta Triangle
  • Screen Leap | A free screen sharing resource to share screens on PCs, tablets or smartphones. Rating A for concept, B for service by Melissa Gonzalez, Scribe, Motivated Moms Triangle- It is a great idea, however, there are known issues on a Mac based OS, and installation of their applet never successfully launched a screen share.
  • This is a service from You Tube that has been around for just over a couple of years and shows successful and popular use based on the numbers of videos that have been added the Creative Commons library. By adding original videos to the library you license your work, and can give (Lifebushido greater brand exposure, name recognition and build up clientele. This is accomplished by allowing your footage to be used with other videos, while receiving credit for the footage. I would liken this to Stock Photo companies- only with videos, and is available for anyone to use.
  • - This is a compilation of inspirational/motivational videos and articles that one can use for business or even for personal development. This can be used by Lifebushido in inspiring teams, coaching/mentoring, helping people set goals and in business services. It's free and can easily be accessed without the need for sign-ups. You just need to subscribe to receive their updates.
  • Grasshopper: This is a phone system solution for SME outfits, where you can run your entire business from a cell phone without your customers' ever getting to know. It makes a one-man enterprise sound and operate like a well sized set-up, and is ideal for virtual offices and business. Offers a variety of paid plans, also available on monthly basis.Rate B Roopali Jain Global Network 18 triangle.
  • Kairos Society The stated mission of the Kairos Society is "advancing the world through entrepreneurship and innovation.In pursuit of this mission, the organization seeks to foster and develop innovation- driven entrepreneurship and high-impact enterprise through their international network of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders. According to their website, the Kairos Society was founded on the notion the world's most pressing global challenges will create the future's most innovate new companies and holds that the most successful ventures have always been built around societal needs.Barbara Kayondo Litotes Triangle
  • 99Designs This site is very similar to MycroBurst. raiGreat for designers to increase their portfolio and/or keep their creative juices flowing. You can also see what other designers came up with for a project once it is completed, which is a great way to not only fuel your own creativity but to also obtain new ideas for design. I'm signing up as a designer. Larraine Kember, Universal Strategic Solutions
  • Onswipe Converting your content to be attractive on a tablet gives Real Estate agents a quick way to share their listings in an attractive, impressive presentational way for the their clients. Budding artists, photographers, graphic designers and more can show off their work no matter where they are and with a professional, high quality touch. Great for any portfolio type presentation on the go. Michelle Beitzel, Universal Strategic Solutions
  • This site looks like a great resource for not only our triangle, but for business owners as well. They have some services that require payment, but there are also many free resources on the site that may assist small and large businesses alike. I am signing up for a free account and will re post with a grade. Larraine Kember, Universal Strategic Solutions.
  • This is a marketing automation software aimed at helping an enterprise to plan, develop, deploy and track it's marketing campaign all at once. It helps save crucial time, provides sales leads and helps convert leads into sales, which is the ultimate goal for every business outfit. Reduces HR requirements by a large amount, and is applicable to any and every enterprise, irrespective of size- SME or a large business Rate B, Roopali Jain Global Network 18triangle.
  • This websites enables business owners to share their messages, respond to their customers,give back to the community, drive transactions and empower their customers to testify on their behalf, all through in video. It makes the customers fill catered for and much more connected to them compared to telephone and email message system. Barbara Kayondo Litotes triangle
  • Getting content you want delivered to you could be an invaluable time saver for client specific research. I could see this being helpful even for target audience research. Only available on Chrome right now which is a negative, but perhaps soon they will include Firefox, etc. Michelle Beitzel, Universal Strategic Solutions
  • Capture customer feedback and have it organized & compiled for you! Get customer ideas quickly and easily via your website – no more email surveys hoping for responses. These responses come to you. Integrating with social media boosts your reach even further. This looks like a great way to capture much needed feedback and suggestions in an interactive way in order to give your target audience exactly what they want. Michelle Beitzel, Universal Strategic Solutions
  • MycroBurst This site offers designers a chance to create various projects for people based upon a brief the customer provides. Designers can submit their design for a project and for an additional fee, they can veil their project so only the client and designer can view it.Each project has a prize or payment amount, and most of them are guaranteed This way you know if you win the design, you know what you will receive. Once the project is awarded, all the designs are released and you are able to view the other submissions. I am a member of the site, but have only submitted one design thus far. Grade B. Larraine Kember, Universal Strategic Solutions
  • stumbleupon Need to explore website you never knew existed before? Stumbleupon is the answer. This website compiles and organizes all the website you have stumbled on which is based on the user's interest. This is good for people who want to expand their knowledge on a particular subject. With this website, the triangle can expand what they know and they can also get ideas from the websites that were stumbled on. Grade B - Elizah Gallardo - Rising Stars Triangle.
  • This website offers software that allows you to hold online meetings, conduct presentations, training sessions and allows for online collaboration. It is free for personal use, or a one time purchase for businesses. It can be used on multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, and iPad. You can share audio, video and your screen with connected users. This is the perfect tool to bring together teams that work in an online environment to easily connect and share ideas. - LaTanya Bennett, Walking Tall Triangle.
  • This website assists in every step of marketing planning from managing, publishing, and delivering content. Eloqua would be helpful to Lifebushido's clients as a tool to better their marketing. Kimberly Coleman-N.E.E.O. Triangle
  • This website is a one stop site for information on global consumer purchasing, industry blogs, news, events, studies, and jobs. This site could be beneficial to Lifebushido and its clients when doing market research. Kimberly Coleman-N.E.E.O. Triangle
  • I use Skype every day for work. I also communicate with family and friends on a daily basis because it is so economical. Skype is great for Lifebushido Recruit Triangle; you can send photos, videos and files of any size. You can also do, instant messaging, voice messaging, send texts, and get a whole group together on a video call. Rating A. Kim Martinez, Member N.E.E.O. Recruit Triangle, 12/10/13.
  • Skype is great for visual communication. They have an option for share screen wherein you could show the person your're calling what you have on your computer screen. This is great for sharing ideas within a triangle or for remote presentations. (Bernadette Figueras, Member, Life Purposes Triangle) 04/05/2014. - Donna McLean - Dream Makers - 08/08/16 - A rating - I use this both personally and professionally. I am a Stephen's Minister and can use this app for 1/1 meetings with my Care Receivers.
  • Wildfire is a website created by orange telecom for its corporate clients. Not really very exciting, unless any Lifebushido client or recruits are interested in acquiring skills on how to penetrate the corporate market. Check out its written in both english and french which could be something Lifebushido could borrow a leaf from (If they have not yet), Go bilingual. Grade B (Omagor Joseph, Leader teamCandA Recruit Triangle) 12/12/2013
  • Eloqua is a website that uses a marketing platform that is designed to help marketers become customer-obsessed and delivers engaging content across multiple channels. Lifebushido could use this to help client's better their marketing. (Amanda Bowers, Scribe teamCandA Recruit Triangle) 12/12/2013
  • Most people have heard about as a photo sharing website. It's free, storage allowance is a massive terabyte, and uploads can be tagged, placed in related groups, and explored & reviewed by other users. But it's also a great resource for marketing photos & graphics. Flickr's advanced search allows the user to narrow results to those shared with a creative commons license, including images available for commercial use. This is my go-to resource for free images of the utmost quality. Grade A+ (Deanne McCoy, Connector, Life Purposes Recruit Triangle) 03/29/2014
  • e.ggtimer When working on a project, it is easy to lose track of time. E.ggtimer is an online timer that you can set in different times such as 30 seconds (default), 30 minutes, or 1 hour. Remember, once your time is up get up and do some stretching and close your eyes. This habit and web application will make you more productive while not feeling drain at the end of the day. Grade A (Carolyn Miaral, Member, Life Purposes Triangle) 04/01/2014
  • This website is great for getting design ideas for creative designers. it offers fonts, logos, graphic vectors, photography, typography and the like for inspiration--to get your creative juices going. Grade A (Bernadette Figueras, Member, Life Purposes Triangle) 04/05/2014
  • is an online resource, and network for a worldwide community. This company is responsible for selecting, organizing, and presenting news, jobs, and more through blogs and social media. One of their main services is a Directory which is a database of companies from every sector and service. Lifebushido could use this website to promote Lifebushido's vision and encourage people from around the globe to join a Lifebushido Triangle. (Yume Triangle - Ashley Leslie - New Hire - 06/17/2014)
  • - PDF Join. Online service helps to combine different file types or multiple pdf files into one single pdf file. It is free and easy to use. Rated A by Teresa Nguyen, Visionary, Yume Triangle, 06/19/2014)
  • - The Use of SIP trunking a product of Orange is the best option in communication as virtual business seek to lower the costs of communication services. Global Recruits have now been strongly recruited as callers and this cheap technology would be of use to Lifebushido. Some of the interesting facts pointed out are that SIP trunking can realize cost trunking by eliminating gateways and numerous service provider contracts; SIP trunking can make communication more resilient because callers (in case of Lifebushido) can switch between trunks in case of any disruption; SIP trunking can also be used to build Virtual contact centers. (Yume Triangle - Joan Nampeera - Recruit 06/19/2014).
  • 30 Second MBA ( is a Fast Company video series featuring practical pieces of advice and wisdom from experienced business leaders, all delivered in 30 seconds.I watched four videos today: Cindy Chen, Marketing Director for Oreo at Mondelez International; Amy Jo Martin, Founder and CEO, Digital Royalty; Barantunde Thurston, Author, How to Be Black; and Doug Ulman, CEO, Livestrong. Each business leader discusses a business problem or topic such as social media networking, leadership, teamwork, decision making, customer care, company growth, internal communication, leveraging talent and more–all within a 30 second video format. Fast Company and inspire readers to think beyond traditional boundaries, be the leader of a conversation and help create the future of business. Fast Company magazine was founded on the belief that a global revolution is changing business and business is changing the world. Fast Company was launched in November 1995 by two former Harvard Business Review editors Alan Webber and Bill Taylor. There are other entities of Fast Company. They include: Co.Design explores the overlap between business and design, from architecture to electronics, consumer products to fashion. Great designers speak their minds in blog posts and comments. Co.Exist is a tour of the latest world changing ideas and innovations in transportation, energy, education, food, and health. The focus is the projects that are going to change the way people live in the next year and in the next 100 years and hearing directly from the people behind these ideas. Co.Create explores creativity in the converging worlds of branding, entertainment, and technology. The web site provides daily inspiration from creative people and the films, shows, ad campaigns, apps, games, music, and other things they make. They also go behind the work and explore the creative process and the bigger issues around how people, companies, and industries are making creative ideas happen. Co.Labs looks at the creative technologists who push industries into the future and the methods, philosophies and concepts that drive them. Co.Labs is a good resource for people who build software to revolutionize the way business is conducted. You can sign up to receive their emails and so I did. One Global Cogitate – Web Review and Services – Julyette Berry – Recruit 6/17/2014 - Rate A.
  • Google Wallet is a more efficient than PayPal because there are no fees for use. A free debit card that is linked to your Google Wallet is sent via mail within 10 days. Less hassle. This would be beneficial for clients in their business transactions, as well as Lifebushidos. -Glynis Ferm - ThePursuer'sGroup Triangle in training 1/2/2015 - Rate A
  • One click scheduling of online meetings for up to 250 participants at a time. Meetings can be recorded and presentation control can be handed over to any participant worldwide. Unlimited bridged audio conferencing (everyone can be on the same call). Can host meetings on the go on your mobile device or iPad. Glynis Ferm - ThePursuer'sGroup Triangle in training 1/2/2015 - Rate A
  • ( This is a free website for time and date conversions. This is a great tool when dealing with different time zones. It includes time zones, weather, world clock, conversions, free stop watch and other useful tools. Rated A. Monica Zikusooka 2/13/15 Ambitious Triangle
  • Is a free website where you can create documents, keep to-do lists, and you can share these with other people. This site helps me stay organized. I rate it an A. Ashlie Pechin 2/13/15 Ambitious Triangle. 8/2/16 - Denise Rezsonya - Dream Makers - A rating. I love this app and use it daily to keep various aspects of my personal and professional life organized. - Donna McLean - Dream Makers - 08/08/2016 - A rating - I was introduced to this app when virtual fitness coaching. I use it to save all kinds of things both personally and professionally. - Nai Phillips - The Bellflowers - 12/12/2016 - A rating - Evernote is used to help keep my sister organized; she uses it to make quick notes for transcribing at a later date, etc. $35 was paid for the year to have access on more than two devices.
  • allows you to share documents and spread sheets with others to view or edit. Scarlette Stenger 3/14/15 Global Thinkers Triangle
  • is a free website where you can make a private chat room. You can make a password for others to join. Scarlette Stenger 3/14/15 Global Thinkers Triangle
  • I would choose this website because you can get a real personal assistant assigned to your account for your business or personal. Rosalind Wright 3/15/15 Global Thinkers Triangle
  • I would add this website to the list because you can look up anything you want from social media to crowd funding. You can start your business using this web site and anything else you want to do. Rosalind Wright 3/15/15 Global Thinkers Triangle
  • I would like to add this website to the list for an option for those looking for a way to keep their contacts organized, keep your address book updated, clean and always available to them. Lori Brown, 4/13/2015, The Ground Breakers Triangle.
  • If you are a news addict, this is a place for you, especially if you are so specific of what news you like to read. Not only that you can read all the news you like but it allows you to join a group conversation and share thoughts. Kareen Joy Fuyacan, 4/13/ 2015, The Ground Breakers Triangle.
  • Magazine reading the way it was meant to be! You choose the topics that are most interesting to you, and Flipboard will collect stories from worldwide sources and present them to you in an appealing magazine format. Especially enchanting for iPad! Terri Verlinde, 4/13/2015, The Ground Breakers Triangle.
  •, Links to world history document sources,U can access ancient world cultures to news and newspapers on line.I love this website because its range of information is wide , am a history and information fun. Nicole Mukyala 5/09/15 ,Dream Bushido Triangle.
  •,If you are an upcoming business man like me this is a good area for information. In Uganda we mostly import from china.Most of the work can be done online with less stress. Anold Masaba 5/09/15 ,Dream Bushido Triangle.
  • This is a presentation software that breaks free from the original powerpoint. it allows updates to be done in real time them be downloaded for viewing in a area without internet connection.Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software.The product employs a zooming user interface (ZUI), which allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media, and allows users to display and navigate through information within a flash. Sabrina Brown, 5/10/16 Game-Changers Triangle
  • - Is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to view full-sized images when you hover your mouse cursor over a thumbnail. It also works on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Flickr, Tumblr, eBay and Amazon. Grade A - Thomas Watson - 8/10/16 - Dream Makers Triangle.
  • This is a financial planning program. You can list of all your financial information from income, debts, etc and it will calculate all of the information to provide you with a financial plan, net worth, etc. Helps with understanding financial goals - Claudette Pendleton - 08/10/16 - The Expansion Collective Triangle
  • Is a free website that gives you one number to ring all your phones and connects you to hangout for conference calls. A good business tool. Rate A. Karen Eonta 2/14/15 Ambitious Triangle.
  • - Mail Chimp is an email platform which allows you to play with a message's format and manipulate the text and images to create visually striking emails. It could be a great way to Lifebushido to step up some of its introductory and recruiting emails. Its basic edition is free. Courtney Stewart, The Limitless Triangle, 11/7/16 ('A' rating)
  • I found this website the other day and I find it very interesting. I'm on of those people that love to learn I'm always looking to expand my mind. The website claims to offer you a certificate at the end of the course if you pass with 80% i'm not sure if that's true but I know if you just want to expand you mind this is a good place to go. - Brittany Osborn- 1/3/2017-Subarashii Triangle

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