Triangle Steps for Success

Purpose of this Page: To outline the specific steps that should be taken by Triangle Leaders and Triangle Members to ensure success with the Triangle Project.

Note: Day 1 of your Triangle is the first of the month (including late start Triangles).

Leader Steps for Success - BEFORE Triangle Day 1

Item to Complete

  • Review the "Lifebushido Needs Leaders," "Leader Information," and "Triangle Roles" Wiki pages.

  • Move your Triangle information from "Triangles Forming" to "Triangles Formed" on the Join a Triangle page

  • Email stating Triangle name and list all your Members’ names and email addresses. Use the subject line: Triangle Name - New Triangle - First Name, Last Name

  • Schedule a 10-15 minute 1-to-1 interaction with each Triangle Member between Days 1-10. This can be by phone, Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts or instant message. Decide on method of contact and schedule meetings for anytime between the first and tenth of the month.

Download this Checklist HERE.

Member Steps for Success - BEFORE Triangle Day 1
Item to Complete

  • Note that all emails should have a subject line with the following format: Triangle Name – Topic [Day X, Question, etc.] – FirstName LastName

  • Review Email Address for Lifebushido to see if you need a new email address to work with Lifebushido (you may not need to make a new email address) and update your email only if needed.

  • Within 3 days of joining your Triangle, sign up for Email Recruit Series (apply to Lifebushido) and create your Recruit Record in QuickBase. This is a required step for hire.

  • Decide on a way to track Members’ progress

  • Write your Passion Paragraph. The Passion Paragraph is a few sentences about anything you feel passionate about, love doing, etc. Email it to Leader and Scribe and CC

  • Watch this YouTube video. Members, email your Triangle Leader and let them know you watched the video. Triangle Leader should keep a record of who viewed the video.

Download this Checklist HERE.

Triangle Steps for Success – Days 1-30

Check off after all members have completed.

Item to Complete

  • Lifebushido Designated Email

  • Lifebushido Email Signature and Requirements

  • Bio

  • Passion Paragraph

  • Watched YouTube Video (Triangle Overview)

  • Meeting with Leader

  • Sign Up for Goalbushido

  • Get to Know You Emails (Days 1-10)

  • Perfect Job Paragraph

  • Top 3 Goals

  • Unique Talents Paragraph

  • What Animal Am I? - Quiz

  • 16 Personalities (Myers Briggs Personality Test)

  • Review Resources on the Websites and Resources Page

  • Post Personality Assessment

  • Share Feedback on Other Members' Perfect Job, Top 3 Goals, and Unique Talent Paragraphs

  • Like Lifebushido on Facebook

  • Complete Triangle Talent Packet

  • Review Triangle FAQs

  • Added Triangle to Active Triangles Wiki

Download this Checklist HERE.

Congratulations on successfully completing the 30-Day Triangle Start-Up Process!

Late Start Triangle
If your Triangle began between the 2nd and 5th of the month, you have a Late Start Triangle. To catch up, you may send 2 of the Get To Know You emails per day but they must be sent with 1 question per email. All Get To Know You Emails for Triangle Days 1-10 must be completed by the 10th of the month.

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