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Purpose of this Page
This page has information necessary before joining a Lifebushido Triangle. Decide if you want to join this one of a kind experience!

Do You Have Triangle Questions?
Email for answers:
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Do you already know you're ready to rock this Triangle thing? Go here to get started now.


Play the video below for an overview of Lifebushido's Triangles and why being part of one is worth your time...

To summarize the video...

  • Being in a Lifebushido Triangle is a requirement to be hired with Lifebushido
  • In the 30-day Triangle Start-Up Phase, you learn about yourself, help others in your Triangle and show Lifebushido how you work in a virtual environment
  • We know our process is not typical; neither is our company
  • If you're ready to move forward in the Lifebushido application process, join a Recruit Triangle today

Should you lead a Triangle?

Are you on the fence about if you should lead a Triangle or join a Triangle as a Member?
We have someone for that! Talk with a Pre-Triangle Advisor to find out what's involved in Leading a Triangle and if it is a good fit for you.

Join a Triangle today!

While this page mainly focuses on the first month of Triangle, called the Start-Up Phase, it's our vision that your Triangle continues well past that point. The time commitment is less after the Start-Up Phase, but the relationships and support between your Members and you are priceless. Go here to learn more about Triangles beyond the Start-Up Phase.


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