Lifebushido Triangle Leader Information

Leaders - General Steps

Leaders who successfully complete this process are guaranteed to be included in the next month's hiring cycle and Members have a 50% chance of being hired.

Should I Be a Leader?

Read the following points and ask yourself, "Does this sound like me?"
  • The Five Top things a Triangle Leader Should Do:
    • Be consistent
    • Brief communication - do not be overly wordy
    • Clarity - 3 steps of looking ahead
    • Ask questions
    • Spend 2/3 of time doing actual individual task work and 1/3 of time helping, sharing, reading and providing feedback on others' task work

Stay on Track

Make sure to bookmark the TRIANGLE - STEPS FOR SUCCESS page to stay on track with daily assignments and deadlines.


  • LEADER TIPS - Tips from previous Recruit Triangle Leaders
  • LEADERS - REMOVING A MEMBER - Steps to take when removing or adding a Member


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