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12/13/2016 - Aubree Love - Recruit - US - Miami, Florida -
  • Hello! My name is Aubree. I love traveling and spending time with my family. I have a 10-year professional background in IT, and am currently seeking a position working from home. You should join my Triangle because I am an energetic Leader with a passion for helping people and keeping my team members motivated and upbeat. Please email me if you think it might be a good fit for you.

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06/25/2017 - Julie Pinn - Recruit Leader - US - New Orleans, Louisiana -
  • Hello Fellow Seekers. My name is Julie and I am starting a new Triangle. I am a small business owner with over 10 years' experience running a small business. I have worked from home for the past 5 years and I understand the complexity of a virtual career. I would love to share my experiences juggling the flexibility of virtual work along with its challenges. I am looking for both experienced and newcomers to join my Triangle for professional and personal development. I strive for accuracy and professionalism in all my work, but am ready and willing to admit when I make a mistake. If you are like-minded, please join me and let's get working!

Ishido Leaders Seeking Triangle Members Post Here:
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06/05/2017 - Carmen Adamson - Subarashii Leader- US- Brownsville, Texas-
  • Hello! Team Subarashii is currently looking for new members to join our triangle (it is required that only existing hires join, and not recruits). My name is Carmen. I live in sunny Texas and I enjoy whitewater rafting and surfing-- I like to have fun in general, on and off the clock. I am a Master in Business Administration and I've been working online now for two years as a virtual assistant. I have also worked as a project manager, business consultant, and market research interviewer. I believe a strong team is a team that works together and LISTENS to each other, and isn't afraid to change course or roles as needed. I believe in teamwork among equals, and bouncing ideas off of one another regularly so that everyone is happy in their role and the most productivity can be achieved. In team Subarashii, no one gets left behind! I have been with Lifebushido since January and Adeyemi joined in March-- it's safe to say we are both very happy in our roles and excited for what the future brings. We look forward to meeting you! What is a triangle anyway, you're wondering?? Think of it as a social work group, and also a working "support" group within Lifebushido. Leaders are not managers, and triangles are a fun way to be engaged with others who work at Lifebushido.

05/23/2017 - Allison Whittaker - Vertical Limit Leader - US - Florissant, Missouri -**
  • Our Triangle - Vertical Limit - is seeking Members to join our Triangle. If you have completed your 30-Day Triangle Checklist, and still need to be part of a Triangle, we would love to have you!! We are continuing with our Weekly Emails, and keeping in touch as we service our assigned Clients. The link to our Triangle Webpage is listed below. Please feel free to check us out.

Leader - Angela Scanlon - USA - Tucson, AZ -

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06/24/2017 - Janika L. Bonner -Recruit Member - Atlanta, Georgia -
  • Hi! My name is Janika. I love spending time with my children and being involved in theatre arts. I have a 12-year professional background in contractual mental health. I love internet surfing and I am always researching everything. I am looking to join a solid team of professionals that I can learn from and gel with on a positive level and create awesome projects with. Please email me if you would like for me to join your awesome team.

6/23/2017 - Micah Simon - Recruit - US - Elkridge, MD -
  • Hello, my name is Micah. I am a communicating elephant and INFJ who is looking to become a part of Lifebushido. I've always wanted the opportunity to work from home or live wherever I choose so I can travel and see new places. Building trustful, beneficial relationships is also important for me in the workplace not just to complete a project, but for the fulfilling human interaction I think we all want on some level. I say all that as someone who is naturally introverted, but still willing to play my extroverted side too. I also value living with purpose, being a contributor and having some adventure when possible. Though I don't have experience in real estate, I think my communication and customer service skills would transfer to this industry. Thank you for considering me to be a part of your triangle!

6/20/201 - Nichole Murphy-Recruit-US-Amherst,
  • Hi my name is Nichole Murphy. I am strongest on computer work and research i can google with the best of them. I am intersted in joining a triangle and meeting new people.

Ishido Members Seeking to Join an Ishido Triangle, Post Here:

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Active Triangles Forming/Formed

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July Triangle - Forming


Unique Connections
Leader - Francine Stern - Recruit - US - Berkeley Heights, NJ -
  • Hi! My name is Francine Stern. I am excited to begin this journey with Lifebushido and all of you. I am an independent consultant with a background in Museum work and production. My entire career has been spent working collaboratively with groups of people. Gathering a team together with different backgrounds and experiences is the most beneficial way to approach any project. Together we can use our strengths to build something great. I am extremely organized and would love to guide a team in this virtual world. Communication is key. Reach out and let me know what your interests are and we can work together.

Scribe - Marla Robinson - US - Humble, TX -
  • I was a Realtor until December 2016, but also being my moms caregiver I had to stop due to the hours I was having to put in away from home. My mom is not an invalid, so she does not require constant care. I have been searching for a work-from-home job, but they have been either scams or requiring a college degree, which I do not have. As a former Realtor I believe I can bring value to this company, and I do have a desire to work with a company that is not the same ol' same ol' and does do things differently. In reading the various roles, the Scribe pretty much describes me almost to a tee, and until I became a Realtor, I was mostly an introvert. Being a Realtor helped me come out of my shell a lot, and although I will never be a social butterfly, being a Realtor helped me grow in many ways. Before being a caregiver and Realtor I was a homemaker for 16 years, and before that I was a commercial lending secretary and then a legal secretary. I do hope you will hire me to find the value I can bring to your company.

Connector - Teagan Larson Recruit Columbus, Ohio -

  • I am a SAHM who recently moved from Denver, CO to Columbus, OH. I have a little guy who's 4 months old, my husband, and my two dogs Daisy and Maggie. I look forward to joining your triangle and filling the Connector role. I was previously in a triangle, and everyone besides myself decided not to move forward. I feel as though Lifebushido will fit my experience and life style very well. I went to school for music, however I do have background in social media and marketing.

Visionary - Suzender Benn - Recruit - US- Madison, Georgia -
  • Hello! My name is Suzender Benn. I am interested in joining a Triangle. My strongest strength is my communication skills. I am friendly, upbeat and empathetic. I will stick with a task until it is complete. I am a stickler for excellent customer service. I have a background in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and real estate as a sales receptionist. I have the ability to pay close attention to detail, problem-solving skills and a desire for learning new things. I would like to join a Triangle to strengthen my current skills and learn new ones.

Member - Nandini Dey - Recruit - US - San Francisco, California -
  • Hello! My name is Nandini Dey. I am an HR Professional with over 9 years of experience! I love working for & with people! I am hands on with many key management skills that I believe are important to run a business. I come with strong interpersonal skills, adaptability at work, team building & people management! Traveling, hiking & spending quality family time are some of my hobbies. I wish to join a Triangle to further enhance my skills, knowledge sharing & get to know interesting people & learn!

June Triangles

Connection Fusion
Leader - Anne Anderson - Recruit - US - Goldendale, Washington -
  • Hello! My name is Anne. I am an acupuncturist with a growing business in Washington. I love hiking and reading as well as spending time with my husband and our cats and dogs. I have a varied background which includes retail, security, studies in psychology, and martial arts training. My current acupuncture career was born out of love for helping people, curiosity, and a fascination with medicine. I am looking to start a triangle in June and looking for recruits to help me successfully navigate the process! Please e-mail me if you think we might be a good fit. I look forward to working with you and Lifebushido.

Scribe - Marlene Mangan - Recruit US -
  • Hello! My name is Marlene and I am a single mom of a beautiful 14 year old girl. I live in PA and love the changing of the seasons. I love to write and listen to music. I currently work for a telecommunications company called RCN in the Business Department. I mostly work with our Chicago and Boston markets.

Connector - Julian Roach - Global Recruit - Barbados -
  • Hello! My name is Julian. I love traveling and spending time with my family. I have a background in academics where I taught Mathematics formally at University level for over 8 years but have been helping and tutoring informally for as long as I know. I am currently seeking a position working from home suited to my skills which involves programming, database management, HTML and Microsoft Excel. I am currently a homemaker for my 2 young children.

Member - Hillari Hunter - Recruit - USA - Chicago, IL -
  • I'm interested in joining a Triangle as a member, but I'm not interested in the usual when it comes to employment. I'm currently a PT amateur boxing coach. It's a job I like, but I need to have something quickly in order to supplement my income. Brick-and-mortar jobs have disappointed me for decades, so I'm seeking to try something that is based online.

Member – Enamul Hasan – Global Recruit – Moulvibazar, Bangladesh –
  • Hi! My name is Enamul. I am a tech-savvy individual with more than 3 years experience in various administrative roles. I like to work from home. I am looking forward to work in a virtual environment where I would have plenty of opportunities to learn and advance my career. I love cool new gadgets and especially music systems with earth shaking bass. I am a fun loving guy who likes to help people.

Member - Mark Perez - Recruit - US - El Paso, TX -
  • Hi guys/girls! I'm from Texas and have been here a really long time (most of my life). I enjoy reading and researching and consider myself to be creative. I am currently seeking to join a Triangle where I can be a Visionary member and one who also seeks to grow and learn from my peers. A little about my work history is that I am primarily in the field of customer service and have been doing much of talking to customers and handling various complexities of different product/service companies and most recently, I enjoyed being a Manager Trainee on behalf of the nation's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network (if you know what I mean). I have many years of experience and consider myself to be knowledgeable, resourceful, and friendly. I would like to hear more from any Leader who has room for me and where I can develop here in LB. Thank you.

The Ripples
Leader - Jessica Kelly- US- Las Vegas, Nevada-
  • Hello! My name is Jessica. I love traveling and spending time with my family. I have a background of 2 years customer service, 6+ months as a at home phone agent, and 3+ months as a social media evaluator. I am currently seeking a position working from home. You should join my Triangle because I am an energetic Leader with a passion for helping others and keeping my team members motivated. Please email me if you think my triangle is right for you.

Scribe - Christine Pepito - Cebu City, Philippines -
  • I have been an educator for 26 years and Lifebushido came out of my desperation to try out something new of my 47-years-existence in this world! I have been awed by the the things that this company has envisioned to help people believe in themselves and their capacity to help other people as well. My profession has been my mission and modesty aside, I have been grateful to believe that everything in life has a reason and a purpose. Starting to get active here in Lifebushido is just so timely. I have been on vacation for summer and I just want to be productive. I don't like to rust! I have always been hungry to learn more! So please take me as one of your active forces in making this company grow more! Let me grow, too:)

Connector - Jonas Abida - Global - Morocco - Rabat-
  • Hi! My name is Jonas. I love spending time with my family at working from home and anything tech related. I have a background of Online Business Management, with over 7 Years experience. Graphic Designer and Video Marketing producer with two degrees in the field (DTS Specialized Technician & Bachelor in Marketing MSE) With an Undergraduate English studies Bachelor degree specialized in International Linguistics. Looking forward to work as a virtual assistant for LifeBushido

Visionary - Khaled Kheir - Global Recruit - Egypt - Alexandria -
  • Hello everyone. I am an automotive engineer, hitchhiker, and now looking to be a freelancer as well. I have hitchhiked 20000 km around Russia and Egypt, and I can speak Russian, Arabic, and English. I consider myself a goal oriented and a spiritual person. Now I am looking for a work from home job, but while I was searching, I got fascinated with all that Lifebushido is offering. I think working here in a team would be more like fun and a life discovering experience than just a work from home job. I am always eager to learn more everyday and life for me is a journey, so I am also very flexible. I am looking forward to this experience.

Ripple Effect Triangle

05/23/2017 - Leader - Lisa Sweeney - Recruit - US - Portsmouth, Virginia -
  • Hello, my name is Lisa. I am an Army Veteran and semi-retired. I am looking for part time work I can do at home. I have experience in a variety of office/computer skills, a team player, and quick to learn. I am detail oriented and easy to work with, email me and we will go from there. I look forward to this unique process and I hope you do too! Thank you.

05/24/2017 - Scribe - Halima Ahmed - Recruit - Global - India -
  • Good day to all. Reading and writing are my passion. I am a University student. I would love to work from home and Lifebushido came highly recommended. I wish to serve this company to the best of my abilities. I am enthusiastic about working with people of different backgrounds and regions and learn as much as I can from them.

05/26/2017 - Connector - Sherrylyn Santos-Diaz - - Recruit - Global - Philippines - (lower) Antipolo City, Rizal (near Cainta) -
  • Hi everyone! My name is Sherrylyn and just like most of you, I love to travel, watch movies and spend time with my family. I have experienced handling my own business in the travel industry since 2012 however, the upkeep is too high to take the risk that is why just last year, I decided to let go of the company. In the process, I learn to manage my own website, create Facebook post for marketing purposes and create travel itineraries such as booking airline tickets, hotel accommodations and travel packages. I also handled customer service for more than 4 years, communicating through phone calls and email. Furthermore, I was able to enhance my skills as I use the basic softwares such as Microsoft Office Suite particularly Word, Excel and Powerpoint for presentation. After resigning from my business, I was able to continue working as a travel agent (working from home) for a company based in Canada. And some time this year, I worked as a General Administrator for a company based in Australia. I am a fast learner, flexible and focus. Thus, I hope that if considered, I can get more opportunities from Lifebushido.

05/24/2017 - Member - Ruth Akech- Recruit - Global - Kenya -
  • Hello all. I am Ruth. I love traveling and taking random photographs of things that pique my interest. I have a 5 year professional background in IT (Statistics and Data Science) and over 10 years of experience in Education. I am highly interested in work at home opportunities with Life Bushido and hope to make it as a member of this company soon.

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06/23/2017- Brittany Lovins- recruit- US- West Harrison, IN-

Hi everyone! My name is Brittany and I am a 28 year old mom, wife, and RN. I am currently working part time as a nurse but wanted to step outside the healthcare realm for a little change of pace and to help support my family. Being a nurse I have a lot of experience in doing detail oriented work on a short deadline and have always loved working as a team with my fellow coworkers. I work very well under pressure and love a good challenge as well as getting to be creative! I feel I would be a good fit in the visionary role of the triangles but am open to filling any position necessary! Can't wait to get to work with you guys!