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Lifebushido’s company culture embraces the concepts of connection and people helping each other. We’re implementing Share It Forward, a way of paying it forward by letting others know about the benefits of our unique Triangle process. Please post one positive thing you got from your Lifebushido Triangle experience on one of your social media platforms. This could be a a Tweet on Twitter, a Facebook post or even an Instagram or YouTube video. You can also include a link to the Triangle information page at: Lifebushido Triangles (totally optional, but it helps people who want to know more about what you did).

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  • Use this format: Name, City/State (Town/Country), Triangle Name, Date (MM/DD/YY): Share your experience and feedback. Please try to comment on the following:
    • Why did you decide to try this social experiment of Lifebushido Recruit Triangle?
    • Did you decide to be a Leader or Member or why?
    • What was outcome and results compared to what you expected?
    • Who is this good for and who should not signup and not try to do this? Try to explain to people who would be a GREAT fit and people who would NOT be a fit for this process.
    • Please mention challenges or problems that were difficult and aspects Lifebushido needs to improve with process.
    • If hired, update monthly please for first 3-6 months at Lifebushido to explain your progress and what you are doing. When you do updates, add new date so that is clear to separate comments.

Leaders - KATs and TLTs

Please use this format: Name, City/State (Town/Country), Triangle Name, Date (MM/DD/YY): Share your experience and feedback...
  • Kim Nunn, Watchung, NJ, Enrichment-chi, 5/28/16: I found Lifebushido through WAH Adventures and joined a Triangle to learn more. I come from a Project Management background so I thought a Leader role would be perfect for me. I connected with the vision of Lifebushido from the start and was so intrigued by the process, the structure of the company, and the whole Triangle concept. I was a bit skeptical initially about what the objective of the triangle was, thinking there must be something in it for the company benefit. There's not, aside from the benefit that those who make it through a Triangle month 1 have shown their ability to communicate, follow directions, work with a team, and think outside of the box a little bit. That is a great developmental tool to find serious potential future employees for Lifebushido. Month 1 is really all about discovering more about ourselves, our talents and what we are truly passionate about. It is amazing what you can accomplish with a team you never meet face to face! If you are an adventurous person with some time and your hands and strong organizational/communication skills, you should join a Triangle. Even if you don't get hired by Lifebushido you will gain lots of insight into yourself, your personality type, your strengths, your passions, and your sense of adventure. You will understand more about what type of work you would like and find rewarding. You will make friends. There were some challenging areas we came across. There is a ton of information to sort through and research, and some of the steps are confusing and redundant. There could be improvements but I'm not sure there should be. These were the defining moments for the team where different folks had to step up to figure things out. Maybe just noting that up front so frustration levels stay low is enough - something like "the path through the Triangle is a challenge. You will come across some areas where you need to figure things out. Take this opportunity to use your team and work together to figure things out." This might actually be an area to develop a bit more because, although some of us had roles defined, aside from the Lead and Scribe they were very fuzzy and did not have defined tasks with deliverables. I would suggest at least one "role" specific deliverable on the timeline for the Visionary and Connector.

  • Rita Strang, Fulton IN, Life Purposes Triangle- Updated 05/01/14: I am a KAT and MA in training. I was hired as a fast track KAT. I chose to lead a triangle on the advice of Steve when we spoke on the phone as a recruit. He offered me the KAT position and advised me to lead a triangle. I have had a great time with this group! The communication and involvement has been just awesome. I was not sure what to expect. And was a bit anxious at leading. But this group was perfect for me to build confidence. Everyone has been extremely active and open with each other. We have learned to help and coach each other as a group and personally. If you are not used to working virtually I think that a Triangle is where you should start! It offers you the bonds and contacts that you get to know personally and you will be able to connect with them ongoing. Triangles may not be a great fit for someone who is used to working alone and enjoys that, whom does not like to open up to strangers.

Ishido - 100+ Paid Hours

Please use this format: Name, City/State (Town/Country), Triangle Name, Date (MM/DD/YY): Share your experience and feedback.

  • Rita Tuhairwe, Kampala/Uganda, Enrichment-Chi, 05/17/17: I worked with Lifebushido for 2 years before I joined a Triangle not knowing the benefits I was missing. Joining a Lifebushido Triangle connects one with like minded people since everyone writes a little background about themselves as they look out for a triangle to join. This helps to connect people with same interests, talents and desires and a triangle becomes more of a family circle where the members share and help each other in all capacities. You can never get lost, once in a triangle. I decided to join as a member because I don't generally like the limelight, I always want to do perfect and help in any way possible but behind scenes. I have developed great writing skills and thought the scribe position would be the best fit for me. It so happens that all members in my triangle are amazing persons with very inspiring life stories and though virtual, it feels like we are part of a big family, knowing support is around whenever you needed it. I highly encourage everyone to get engaged and join a triangle, it's a great way of connecting and inspiring each other - ushering in hope that everything is possible.

  • Janine Brown, NY, Encouragement Building Confidence - 8/21/14 I am so grateful for my triangle. I had such a great experience with my triangle. I made friends with both Dannette and Yang though out the process. Yang happened to reach out to me to join the triangle and it was the best decision ever. Through my triangles help I was able to establish my own unique talent and go from there. I am still in touch with Dannette and Yang and we have all found our way and are able to use our unique talents. Looking back its funny how none of us knew each other or what one another could bring to the table, it is as if someone hand picked us. Who knew people with such diversity could make such a great triangle!

Newshido 10-100 hours

Please use this format: Name, City/State (Town/Country), Triangle Name, Date (MM/DD/YY): Share your experience and feedback.

  • Kristin Dolinar, Cleveland OH, Slivers of Nature, 02/24/16:
    • I've had a great time with my triangle members. I decided to create my own triangle to get experience being a leader, as I'd love to move up to a KA or TL one day. The outcome was far better than I could have ever imagined. We were a late start triangle and I thought we'd be extremely rushed and cutting it down to the minute but my fellow triangle members are incredible. We got things done and we got it done quickly, without taking away from our final project. Everyone helped, gave their opinions and worked together to make our project a reality. I couldn't be happier with my triangle members. They are a wonderful, hard working group of ladies that I hope to stay in contact with after this journey ends.

  • Maekeshia Smith, Hyattsville MD, The Muses Realm, 09/27/14:
    • Being in the triangle has been both rewarding and challenging. I recommend this experience to anyone that wants to understand the inner workings of Lifebushido, wants to meet new people and work towards self improvement. The reason why I joined the Triangle is because it was required. In order for the Triangle experience be a successful one, I would recommend giving someone 30-60 days before or after they are hired. I did find the tasks for new hire, interviewing, taking tests for departments as well as completing tasks for the Triangle time consuming especially since the work for the Triangle is not billable and you are learning the workings of the company. As this is a part time position, and being in the Triangle is voluntary it should not overwhelm anyone to where they are spending more than 3-4 hours daily combined of new hire and triangle tasks, in addition to any additional projects such as training and tests. Therefore, if you have other commitments, please allow yourself the time to deal with both. I think the members of my Triangle are amazing, I have learned so much and it is great to see how people whom have never met, come together to create something meaningful and powerful.

  • Melina Hunter, Merced, CA Triumph Triangle, 03/26/14:
    • I decided to join Lifebushido’s recruit triangle after viewing the You Tube video by Steve. When he stated, this experience will change your life; I listened to my intuition and came on board for the journey. Plus, I wanted to increase my chances to be hired because of my interest in the company as well as liking the Lifebushido concepts. I considered becoming leader at first; however, I opted to take on the visionary role because at the time that was better suited for me. I decided to team up with the Malinda who was the Leader of the Triumph Triangle because after reading about her, I believed we would work well together. I am impressed with the outcome of the Lifebushido Triangle experience. I had the opportunity to meet and work with great team members. It was great to experience how the team worked together as well as how much we have in common even though we are in different areas of the world. I learned a lot about Lifebushido visions, structure, and opportunities. Through this journey I learned a lot about my potential and what it is I really want out of life. I enjoyed working with the Triumph Triangle and going through the task. During the triangle process, I was hired on as a Sales Caller. I enjoy working from home. I am able to earn an income, spend time with my family and friends, express my artistic side in addition to achieving goals that I have made through this process. I am grateful to be a part of this experience. I am looking forward to growing with Lifebushido and utilizing my unique talents in sharing with the vision. This experience did change my life.

New Hire - 0-10 Paid Hours

Please use this format: Name, City/State :(Town/Country), Triangle Name, Date (MM/DD/YY): Share your experience and feedback.

  • Alyssa Lopez, Sacramento, CA, Triforce Visionary Triangle, 07/30/18 : I really enjoyed this social experiment and being able to communicate with members, even though you are so far away from each other. It really challenges your ability to manage time and organize your work. I decided I wanted to be a supporting member for my group, because I know I thrive best in supporting my teammates when situations start to change or differ. As a result I started as a Visionary in my group and stepped up to being a Scribe when other members started to leave for various reasons. I quickly took control and went to work on the duties that needed to be fulfilled as a Scribe. I take great pride in making my team shine. This really was a great way to not only set expectations of what a stay-at-home job might require, but also how to stay connected with others. It was never the same day twice and new challenges might arise, but it is those hard times that show you what you are capable of!

  • Tamara Muncy, Toledo, Ohio, Life Out Loud, October 10, 2016: I had the privilege to lead this amazing Triangle. I found that working with a group that was just as committed as myself to this learning process made the weeks fly by. The assignments and exercises were a wonderful way to experience the Lifebushido culture and to find out about myself and others along the track. This was also a great way to challenge my thought processes and inspire my work skills to find my unique talents and explore how they can best be put to use. I would highly recommend the Triangle experience, and especially to take on a leadership role. You will build relationships that last a long time, as well as find your own unique talents and place in this organization.

  • Faith Corbett, Dream Makers, 09/28/16: The process of participating in the Dream Makers triangle taught me a tremendous amount about myself, and especially showed me that I have quite a bit of "untapped talent" that I wasn't even aware of. I especially enjoyed the personality profiles which gave me a whole new perspective on who I am and where my strengths lie both professionally and personally. It both inspired me and challenged me to develop my creative talents as well as setting goals to stay on track with the growth I was experiencing. It taught me how to develop and maintain confidence in myself and my talents to achieve my goals in all areas of my life. I felt both productive and appreciated which has proven to be the icing on the cake with maintaining my feelings of self importance. I would recommend the Triangle experience to anyone seeking self improvement.


Triangle Member - Not Hired Yet, Not Hired, or Declined Job Offer

Please use this format: Name, City/State :(Town/Country), Triangle Name, Date (MM/DD/YY): Share your experience and feedback.

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