Meet Cindy Taylor!!!

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Cindy is Axiom Triangle's Team Leader and Connector. She is a natural leader and knows how to bring the Triangle together in an amazingly professional and yet fun kind of way!!!

Cindy's Perfect Job Is...

Thinking about “the perfect job” has been interesting for me, because at first I thought I didn't want just a “job”--I want to work every day at something I believe in so strongly that it's more of a passion than just a “job.” However, upon reconsidering, I think the perfect job really would be a position with a company that utilizes my unique set of skills, talents and interests to their best advantage and in such a way that I am so interested in my work, that it feels passionate! I would like to be self-employed, because then I am in charge of my own destiny—I manage myself! As a contractor, I would like some flexiblity in scheduling and a variety of tasks. I personally have discovered that my unique talent is “helping people” and in the business setting, I think I could use that perfectly to be a personal administrative assistant. Envision Jeeves for a businessman or woman! I enjoy helping someone else excel; I enjoy organizing; and I enjoy the potpurri of duties that come with being someone's “right hand man.” But in order to stay motivated, it is vital to me that my hard work lead to some sort of recompense such as a reward, promotion, or raise. I have no trouble whatsoever putting in twice as much work if the cherry on top is a bonus. Likewise, it is fundamental to my continued achievement at a job to not be micro-managed. I am very confident in my skills and have a lot to offer an employer, but in return, I do expect that my contributions will be valued. If I found a position that met this description, I truly believe that it would be the perfect job for me.

Orange Passion...
I'll be blunt, my passion is not about a certain product or particular service per se, but my passion is customer service PERIOD! Right now I believe that many/most Americans believe that if they complain long enough or loud enough that they deserve to receive an item for free, and I passionately disagree! However, I equally passionately believe that agents and representatives are not taught how to SERVE their customers, nor are they empowered to be able to do so.

One of the biggest reasons is that as much as the customers believe they can get a free item for complaining, the businesses often believe they can cheat their customers and get away with it! So the very first innovation I implement in any business is HONESTY. If we say we are going to deliver X product on Y date, we actually deliver a new X item as the customer expected it...on Y date the date the customer expected it! I purposefully try NOT to hide costs—that just makes people mad. I also do not try to deliver a used X when the customer clearly is expecting a new one. Nope, I implement honesty and work on mutual agreement: I will do X and this is the cost and nothing is hidden. As much as possible and reasonable, I try to be sure both parties are crystal clear on what is expected and when and for how much.

The next innovation I implement is empowering anyone in customer service to use their best judgment to actually care for a customer, and if it is “out of the ordinary” they have an option to go for it and then justify their decision to me...or refer the customer to me for care that is above and beyond. I would say pretty much anything is acceptable except them keeping the new product for free! Then I train the representatives in really basic customer service, such as showing some empathy, being patient, making an offer of a discount, asking what would make it right, etc. BASIC stuff so that the image for the company is HONEST and if we do make a mistake (hey...everyone does) we back it up and take care of you!

UGH—can you tell I'm passionate about this? I could write a book, I swear!

Annual Goals for Cindy Taylor for 2012

1. I will do exercise-ball situps increasing by 5 every week
2. I will do exercise-ball thigh exercises increasing by 5 every week
3. I will take a walk for 15 minutes or more 5 days a week

1. I will call my mom once a week
. 2. I will give my spouse my attention every night and all day on Sunday
3. I will send cards to our kids, their spouses, aunts, etc. for their birthdays.

1. I will pay off 3 bills and get my drivers license.
2. I will save $125 for a new dryer
3. I will start an R.V. downpayment savings plan

1. I will consistently earn $450 per payperiod or $900 per month OR MORE.
2. I will be a leader—an Alt Lead or a Team Lead/KA or some promotion.
3. I will earn enough for health care

1. I will take a vacation this summer with David
2. I will read the Bible every day
3. I will go to one concert in the summer and one for “the holidays”