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My biggest passion is my family and home. The past couple years I have really been focusing on making our house into a home, trying to instill in my children many of the values that our grandparents had. We visit our local Farmers Market every week to buy locally raised meats, cheeses, and veggies. We have planted apple trees, pear trees, and nut trees to watch grow and develop knowing that someday they will provide us fruit. We put in a small garden that has annual vegetables like squashes, tomatoes, lettuces, beets, radishes, herbs, and potatoes, but also perennials like Asparagus, Grapes, and Horseradish. A couple years ago we decided that raising chickens would be easy and fun, as well as provide us with farm fresh healthy eggs. Each morning my kids go out to the coop and collect the eggs that turn into breakfast! We love sharing fresh eggs and veggies with our neighbors. My passion for this way of life has grown into the desire to someday have a mini-farm and own a few dairy goats as well!

Angela’s Perfect Job Paragraph

My perfect job would be…. One that allows me to work from home, whenever it’s convenient for me. One that would allow me to meet all my obligations as Mom to five children, Wife, and Homesteader while also making a little income. One that wouldn’t be an all-consuming life sucking 8-5pm shift sitting at a desk on the phone. One that would allow me to continue to develop my hobbies of photography and jewelry making by simply allowing the time. One that would allow for working on an array of tasks, and to have new experiences.

Results of Angela's Animal Personality Quiz: The Enterprising Crocodile

Enterprising means showing initiative, a willingness to undertake new projects, and a strong desire for success and achievement—all qualities that support the role of the entrepreneur. Like the crocodile, enterprising people possess the energy, creativity, and ambition required to see the possibilities in the future that others cannot see.

If you are an enterprising person, you’ll see the following characteristics in yourself:

  • The ability to “think outside the box” when facing difficult problems and developing solutions.

  • The determination to succeed, which also lends itself to another important trait for enterprising individuals: self-confidence.

  • The tendency to spend a lot of time working alone—something that’s paramount to business success. This emphasizes entrepreneurs’ understanding of sacrifice, and how short-term hard work will pay off with long-term reward

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