**Scribe-**Heba Zaman

My name is Heba Zaman, I am 24 years old and the youngest of three siblings. I am the kind of person that no matter what happens, I always see the end goal and am dedicated in the pursuit of that. My education is very important to me and transferring from one school to another made sure that it wasn’t a straight path to the end and only became a roadblock to my goal; however, all I did was go around the block in a different direction but my goal is still the same. When I’m not spending my time plotting different routes, I spend my time reading, playing with my cats and goats, and arguing with my sister.

Day 1 - How do you feel right now?

Day 2 - Why did you decide to join a Lifebushido Triangle and start this adventure with strangers around the world?
I decided to join a triangle to get a better understanding of Lifebushido as a whole and experience first hand what kind of company they are. I also wanted to meet people who could one day be my colleagues.

Day 3 - What is your most treasured memory?
My most treasured memory is from after my mom died when I was 4. My mom's family is in California and we went during Spring Break and it was also my birthday (April 4th!). I got a life-size bride Barbie doll; she had a white dress, slippers and a veil. So, me, my sister, and 2 cousins all took turns putting on the dress and walking "down the aisle" in our older cousins' shed. We would stand on a platform, turn around, and throw a bouquet of fake flowers over our head and see who caught it. Every single time, the person to catch it would be either my brother or my cousin who was his age (which was 9). By the end of it, there were no flowers on the stems. I wish I had pictures, but this was recorded on tape.

Day 4 - Who do you admire most and in what way does that person inspire you?
My maternal grandmother inspires me the most. She lived in India when the British still ruled it. When people have a common enemy, they often bond together; however, as soon as the enemy is gone, they bond is gone. Pakistan was formed so that the Muslims had a place to live and wouldn't have to follow the rules of the Hindu majority. The problem was that the crossing was not easy. My grandparents' village was attacked for 3 days. The women in the village, including my grandmother, had to make bullets out of whatever they could for the men.

I have always seen her as a pillar of strength. She had 13 children, of which only 10 survived to adulthood. At the time of their migration, she had 8 children; her last 2 children, one of them being my mom, were born in Pakistan. Since coming to the US, she lost her oldest son, my mom, her husband, her sister and her youngest daughter. Despite all of that loss, she lived to the old age of 86 when she passed away this year.

Day 5 - What is the one thing about yourself that you like best?
Bonus Question - ​What's the greatest adventure you have had?
The one thing that I like about myself is my patience. I think the reason it came to be is that my older siblings, brother and sister, could start arguing over nothing in the middle of us doing anything. We could be playing outside and then the two of them would be going at it; everything else would stop. As soon as they would finish, I would ask to make sure that they were done and get permission to get back to playing.
My greatest adventure is an event my brother hates. When I was 14, the three of us were flying to California by ourselves. My brother was 18 and my sister was 15. The people at the check-in insisted that I was 10 and even after proving that I was indeed 14, they would not leave us alone. They decided that we would get an escort to the plane, which was great because we got to sit first. But we had a stopover in Ohio; they had us sit in a room with tiny chairs, stuffed animals, coloring books, and Disney movies. Every time my brother would leave, they would just bring him back. We were in that room for 2 hours. He still hates me for it.

Day 6 - What was the most risky decision you ever made in your life?
I don't think that I have ever made a "risky" decision. Not just because I am cautious, but because I think of every angle before I make a decision. Also, I know what I like and don't like; don't like heights, sushi, food that smells and looks weird. I am pretty decisive when it comes to that stuff, so no amount of cajoling will make me change my mind.

Day 7 - What is the greatest accomplishment in your life, so far?

My greatest achievement would be finishing college. It wasn't easy and had many roadblocks along the way, but eventually I was able to get my degree in December.

Day 8 - Material possession would you miss most?

The material possession that I would miss the most is my collection of the Harry Potter series. The reason being that I have many memories attached to them. For instance, the first 3 books were given to me by a cousin and started me off. The fourth one I bought when I got hooked. And the last 3 I bought with my cousins at midnight and then stayed up all night reading.

Day 9 - Learned about Members and Lifebushido

If there is anything that I have learned about everyone in this Triangle, it is that they are all very dedicated and hard working people. It's not easy working from home; too many distractions, be they your family or other things.

I have had nothing to do since December; Master's programs don't start until July/August. Filling out applications gets boring really fast and distractions are always welcome. Since joining this Triangle and Lifebushido, I have been able to get back on track of focusing on my work and giving me something to look forward to.

Day 10 - In one word, how do you feel right now? We call this a One Word Close