Mission: To heighten awareness of Lifebushido in the work-at-home forums.

Lifebushido strives to become the number one work at home company yet many people are unaware of Lifebushido and its company details. Kaizen will take steps to inform work at home professionals about Lifebushido, its mission and its details in efforts capture quality and experienced work-at-home professionals.

Kaizen Home:


Action Plan

*Each team member will take steps to introduce Lifebushido and interact with the work-at-home community by completing the following:

  • Formally introduce Lifebushido. Review the current Lifebushido forum conversations and identify unanswered questions and questions that have been inaccurately answered or answered ineffectively.

  • Create daily interactions to stimulate conversation regarding Lifebushido and its missions

  • Introduce recruiting conversations to attract qualified individuals and help them throughout the recruitment process.

  • Create a FAQ conversation in each WAH community to address these questions in a central location.

  • This may require team member to reach out to the forum organizers to ensure all forum guidelines are adhered to

Targeted Forums:

  • Shauna – WorkPlaceLikeHome – 3.5 hours

  • Michelle – wahm.com – 3.5 hours

  • Charmaine -work-at-home-forum.com – 3 hours

    • Will also reach out to RatRaceRebellion.com to inquire on a monthly highlight spot


  • Collectively, the team has heightened awareness with the work-at-home forums. The awareness efforts included answering outstanding questions about Lifebushido in the forums, as well as addressing incomplete forum responses with more clarity.
  • In addition, the Lifebushido has been highlighted in RatRaceRebellion.com's bulletin and lead spotlight pages.

Steve will require a login to WorkPlaceLikeHome.com in order to view the forum conversations