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08/17/2017 - Andrea Minor - Recruit - US - Brinkley, Arkansas -
  • Hello! My name is Andrea. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children. I have been the front desk supervisor of the largest bridal shop in the south for 6 and a half years now. I love being able to interact with all types of different people on a daily basis. I am a licensed Zumba Instructor which also gives me the opportunity to interact with some of the most awesome people in the world. I am a very outgoing person. I love to smile and contribute to the happiness of others. I feel that I definitely have what it takes to be a beneficial asset to any establishment that I am a part of. I believe that everyone needs to understand how important they are as individuals and that is a major contributing factor to our success individually as well as collectively.

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05/23/2017 - Allison Whittaker - Vertical Limit Leader - US - Florissant, Missouri -**
  • Our Triangle - Vertical Limit - is seeking Members to join our Triangle. If you have completed your 30-Day Triangle Checklist, and still need to be part of a Triangle, we would love to have you!! We are continuing with our Weekly Emails, and keeping in touch as we service our assigned Clients. The link to our Triangle Webpage is listed below. Please feel free to check us out.

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  • Fran Breedlove - Recruit - Kemah, Texas - Hello. I was a Lifebushido Caller several years ago and I am excited to be returning! I am seeking to join a Triangle that is organized, innovative, team and client focused. I am interested in a role as a "Connector" for whichever Triangle I am chosen to become a part of. I have worked in the Hospitality and Customer Service industries for the past 15 years. I have (2) Wonderful children and (1) Fantastic grandson, whom I love very much! I enjoy spending time with family, friends, reading, painting, and playing volley ball.


Active Triangles Forming/Formed

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March Triangles, post below:

Pacesetters Triangle
Leader - Verneice Starling - Recruit - US - Tempe, Arizona -
  • Hey there! My name is Verneice Starling, and I lead the Pacesetters' Triangle. The Pacesetters' Triangle is about building community within Lifebushido for Ishidos, and it is with great pleasure and excitement that I return to Lifebushido, the culture which fosters discovering and developing your unique talents and passions, to lead the Pacesetters' Triangle. I am originally from Massachusetts, but I relocated to Arizona 16 years ago, and I love it here in the central valley with my four cats. My Lifebushido employment history has been in marketing, leads, systems, and with special clients and projects. My initial time with Lifebushido began in November 2013, just after I had became a stay at home mom for the youngest of my three adult daughters who was paralyzed in an auto accident. However, my first time with Lifebushido was interrupted by health challenges of my own requiring surgery and rehab in late June of 2014, followed by the deaths of my mother and maternal grandmother between September 2014 and September 2016. Re-entering the Lifebushido culture in March of 2018 gives me considerable joy, because I enjoyed the work I did for Best Agent Business and Lifebushido, as well as the challenges and triumphs of leading and working in virtual teams globally. If the Pacesetters' Triangle is of interest to you, please contact me by email. I look forward to growing my unique talents along side you, while assisting you in growing your unique talents also.

Scribe - Victoria Stanton-Recruit-USA-Huntington, NY-
  • I am looking to be apart of a dream team of members who are goal oriented, driven and ambitious! I would consider my self a seasoned professional, I am only 31 years old but have worked at major financial institutions in the US. I have over 10 years administration and finance experience, as well as a self taught marketing and social media manager. I have helped individuals such as financial advisors, mortgage brokers and real estate agent monetize their time by taking daily lead management and administration off of their hands. I love to discover new ways to be efficient and build a better presence of social media. Personally, I am a mother of three, vice president of a non for profit, cheerleading coach and lover of books!

Member - Maggie Vest recruit USA Jacksonville, Fl
  • I am ready and energized to be a part of the Lifebushibo team now that I m a empty Nester at home. My goals have switched gears a bit, and I have the opportunity to seek out using my skills. This is a great time for me to allow my love for people and my professionalism in the work force.That being said I really am very social ,enjoy just laughing-take serious to my duties of course. What are we waiting for lets be a team !

Member - George Jabley - Recruit - Accra, Ghana -
  • Hello! My name is George and I enjoy working from home. visionary, Scribe or member positions seem best suited for me. I just got started with Lifebushido and am very excited about this journey I'm about to take. I learn very fast and I enjoy researching, connecting, organizing, creating and simplifying systems and encouraging others to utilize their skills. I'm tired of climbing the corporate ladder. I currently work as a freelancer in Graphics design, some website jobs and IT services. Now managing websites I built for some clients. I have a very diverse IT background. I'm keen to move to working from home and have the flexibility to spend more quality time with my growing family. I love helping people, solving problems, and learning new things. I look forward to contributing to a Triangle and working with you all to grow, learn and discover what the Lifebushido opportunity brings.

Member - Miguel Prospero - Recruit - El Paso, Texas -
  • Hello My name is Miguel, I am married with two kids, my kids are 32 and 34, kids are out of the house so I have time to help some people, I like to workout and watch a good movie. I am very positive aditude, have worked from home for a few years.

The Scalene Triangle
Leader - Shelby Mckee - Recruit - USA - Canyon Lake, California -
  • Hi, I'm Shelby and I'm excited to hopefully be a leader as a part of Lifebushido, and I'm excited to form a triangle as a triangle leader. A bit about me, I'm an online student studying to become a court reporter. I graduated high school in 2016. I immediately moved to Texas for school and lived on my own for a year until I could move back to California, to continue my education here. I love to meet new people, be involved, work on bettering myself while helping others do so as well. I am very outgoing, caring, supportive, love to have a good time, and I always try putting a little fun in everything I do. But of course, still being productive, professional, and serious about what we are here for. My email is always open to anyone, and I love to share experiences and make new relationships. I am hoping to create a sort of "triangle family." My purpose here is to grow together, make new genuine connections, and lasting bonds. I look forward to working with you all, and I'm excited to start this journey together!

Scribe - Sierra Kaiser - Recruit - Kings Mountain, NC -
  • Hello, I am a stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl, looking for a way to help provide for my family. My background is in radiography, but I am a fast learner and i am more than willing to put the work in to be a successful team member at Lifebushido! My interest are reading, writing, learning new things, parenting and good health. I prefer to be a team member and aide the team leader in whatever he/she may need. I’m ready to be a productive team member and do wonderful things for Lifebushido!

Connector - Hannah Anderson - Recruit - US - Nashville, TN -
  • Hello! My name is Hannah Anderson and I am looking to become a triangle member. I am originally from the Northern Chicago Suburbs, but moved to Nashville to attend college. Once I received my Bachelor of Business Administration in the Summer of 2017, I decided that I loved Nashville so much I wanted to stay! I've had several different types of jobs in the past, but I am now looking for a permanent company I can really call "home." In my work life my favorite things to do are organizing, managing calendars, and communicating with others. I'm extraordinarily excited to be starting a virtual job, as well, because of the flexibly it can offer. In my free time, I love crafting, hiking, and volunteering. I also take every chance I get to meet and interact with new people!

Visionary - Deonna Adams- Recruit - Fort Dodge , IA -
  • Hello everyone! I'm Deonna, and I'm very excited to join a triangle to learn, grow, and succeed with a group of goal oriented, driven people like myself. I currently work as and Admissions Rep at a college. Before working at a college I was in Property Management as a leasing consultant, and administrative assistant. I have a very diverse background, and believe I would be great in the role of Scribe or Visionary. I love helping people, solving problems, and learning new things. I enjoy traveling, exploring new cites with my husband, and I try to always see the positive in every situation. I look forward to being part of an amazing triangle.

Member - Jasni Ebrahim - Recruit - Kerala, India -
  • Hi, my name is Jasni Ebrahim and I am from India. I started out my career a junior trainer in a software training company and worked up the ladders to become a client servicing professional in the digital marketing industry. I come with a diverse range of skill sets and industry knowledge, like project management, client relationship management, handling support requests, upselling etc. I am newly married and an expecting mother, so I am looking at work at home options to keep my career on track and grow my network of positive and like-minded individuals. I look forward to joining a Proactive and Enthusiastic Lifebushido Triangle and grow with the opportunities that come with it.

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