Steps To Join a Triangle:

  • Go to JOIN A TRIANGLE PAGE and click the Edit button, with the pencil icon, in the upper right area of your screen
  • On the Join a Triangle Page, enter your information in to the Recruit Leaders Seeking Triangle Members area or the Recruit Members Seeking to Join a Triangle area (highlighted in yellow)
  • Format your post as follows:

  • 08/10/2018 - Jane Doe - Recruit - US - Brinkley, Arkansas -
  • Then enter some background information on you and your desire to be part of a Triangle at Lifebushido here.
  • Click Save and your information should be on the page

Next Step For Recruit Leaders Seeking Members:

Look at the Recruit Members section and email anyone there who you might want to join your Triangle. Let them know you are interested in Leading a Triangle and ask if they want to join. This is a proactive and generally more efficient way to get a full Triangle of 3-5 Members than just waiting for other people to email you.

Next Step for Recruit Members Seeking A Triangle To Join:

Look at the Recruit Leaders Seeking Members section and email anyone there who you think would make a good Triangle Leader. Let them know you are interested in joining their Triangle as a Member.

Triangle Ready: Next Steps

  • Leaders and Members, view the Steps for Triangle Success here: STEPS FOR TRIANGLE SUCCESS
  • There are steps you can complete before Triangle Day 1, so download, read and start on those items before the first official day of your Triangle.

Active Triangles Forming/Formed

  • Keep in mind: Try to get 5 Members in your Triangle, including the Leader. The minimum number is 3, so you can start your Triangle with 3-5 Members, including the triangle Leader. Having 5 Members allows you to keep your Triangle going even if 1 or 2 people leave along the way, which can happen. If you drop below 3 Members your Triangle has to either combine with another Triangle or start over the following month.
  • Once you have 2 or more Members (3 including you), Leaders should copy and paste their information and those of their Members in the Triangles - Forming area
  • After your Triangle is formed and you have all the Members you desire, then Leaders should move it under the Triangles - Formed heading.
  • Members should be listed in this order: Leader, Scribe, Connector, Visionary, Global, Member/s
  • Copy and paste your information from above and place here following this format:
    • TriangleName [include wikilink] - Date Formed [MM/DD/YY] 08/04/16
    • FirstName LastName, TriangleRole, Status, Lifebushido Role, City/State/Country, Email Address, Date Posted - MM/DD/YY and your bio from above.
      • Our (Triangle Name) has 4 Members and we would like to have 2 more to join us. If interested, please contact me. Keep your post updated with the status of your Triangle and number of Members still needed, such as: We have (Insert #) of Members and are seeking (Insert #) more Members.
  • Use the same format to list the Members of your Triangle.


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