Angela's Brainstorm 8/28/2012 1pm
only has a handful of "likes"
  • FB page itself does nothing really to promote message... we need to get usernames / password for this maybe too??
  • Can we each endeavor to get as many friends possible to LIKE on facebook ?
(record how many LIKES are achieved, and where they came from)
is a link we can attach to the page, that will allow people to create a free card! thanks Steve for this link
  • Need admin log in's for site- Friend-ed Steve on FB, waiting for admin info.

    August 29, 2012 5pm Angela Harris:
    • Apparently there are 2 FB pages in relation to this project.... The original link I gave you guys is not the one attached to the ThankYouForward site. The FB link we should be promoting is:!/pages/Thank-You-Forward-Project/157593997604951

    (I changed it above as well)

9/1/2012----9:05pm ----- Angela Harris : )
Waiting on information on how to log in and make administrative changes to ThankYouForward.
  • How many Facebook "likes" has each one of us been able to solicit?
Original "like" count was 21, and as of right now is 27. So some exposure.
  • Can we all continue to ask our friends and family to check out the FB page?
  • Continue to brainstorm improvements for the site, add them above.
  • Nancy, do you have any ideas?

    9/4/2012 -----1pm--- Angela Harris
    • The new site looks great, feels user-friendly, and is easy to navigate. I feel like it definitely shows what our vision for the original site is, and I'm excited to be able to share it as our final project! Nice job Team!
    • We have been able to spread the word to several friends and family using Facebook, and sharing the site with others. Our Facebook "like" count is now at 33, up substantially from the original 21 "likes"
    • We should all continue to spread the word, and encourage others too as well!