Life Accelerators Triangle

Contact Info
Heidi Vargas- Leader- vargashw12@gmail.comMadiha Ahmed- Connector- ahmedmadiha12@gmail.comKatie Forsyth- Scribe-

Heidi Vargas, Leader

The Strategic Lion

Raw Personality Indicator:
Charismatic Optimist

16 Personalities quiz:
"The Consul"

Perfect Job:
My perfect job revolves around being able to work from home part time so I can be here for my family, in an industry that I like. A perfect company is one that supports it's employees socially and with resources; socially aware; and just gives you a good vibe when speaking with the representatives. I really believe that Lifebushido fits right into where I am because it provides a platform to stay involved in an industry that I love and the type of company that I would like to work with. Lifebushido allows me the opportunity to continue to do participate in a field that I love, am good at it and provides the flexibility to reach my goals.

Top Goals:
Health: Maintain a healthy lifestyle (one cheat day)
  1. Working out 3-4 x week for at least 45 minutes by taking Zumba classes; walk/run; and swimming. Any one of these activities can be substituted for playing sports
  2. Completing my well check up and mammogram by Feb 2017
  3. Lose 5-7 lbs bu March 2017
Relationship: Reconnecting and serving the community
  1. Spending quality time with my husband- to have a quarterly date night, even if it is watching a movie on the couch ( we have 3 young kids)
  2. Spending quality time with my kids- to volunteer once a month at a Soup Kitchen, Animal Shelter or Community Event
  3. With my brothers- call or text them weekly
Finance: Rent our house by March 2017
  1. Builder must complete house by end of Jan 2017
  2. Close of construction loan and prepare the house for rental
  3. Hire a company to rent the house
Business: Work with Lifebushido
  1. Complete 20-25 hours/week
  2. Complete tasks and have happy clients
  3. Complete Triangle Process

  1. Take 1 day off a week
  2. Schedule a massage every 2 months
  3. Continue to spend time with positive people

Madiha Ahmed, Connector

The Enterprising Crocodile

Raw Personality Indicator:
Charismatic Optimist

16 Personalities quiz:
"The Campaigner"

Passion Paragraph:
In the words of Mary Angelou,"My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and to do so with some passion,some compassion,some humour and some style." I am passionate about everything I do because I only do what I am passionate about. What inspires me,what gives me great satisfaction,what makes me want to get up each morning and have an adequate sleep at night is-to serve people-flawed,struggling and striving just like myself and to give them hope that we will all do better,together. I do so through my workshops and talks,my writings in my first (soon to be published) book,"13 Inspirations @23-A glimpse into the mind of a young woman who said yes to her dreams" and my Wordpress blog, "The Cooking Criteria",through my Facebook and Instagram posts,through the poems or songs I write,through teaching children and teenagers at an orphanage,by learning karate,playing cricket,doing cycling and breaking the stereotypes,by being the best I can to the people around me. I love encouraging fellow flawed,struggling and striving souls of the world and helping them see the bright side of things,of life and in turn I see more positivity in the world around me. I believe in following my passion with compassion,humour and style because these qualities are unique to each of us and instead of competing with others in how we express our passion through them,I believe in confidently doing it my own unique way-it makes a "difference". Compassion-to not just see myself and others survive but to thrive,together. Humour-to not let the "seriousness" of life make us sad or to prevent us from enjoying this journey of life,to indulge in humour that heals,not hurts.Style-to make people see and believe once again that real style is in simplicity,not sophistication. I prefer Simplicity in thinking,talking,acting and dressing,in confidently being who I am,embracing my strengths and weaknesses and with the attitude of being a Learner,a Life Long Learner. By following my Passion,I heal myself and the world around me.

Perfect Job:
I believe my perfect job would include :

*research, organizing, creating content and problem solving tasks

*that would cater to kids,teens or adults (in any educational,social or creative fields)

*to work online behind scenes or in the limelight

*from my bedroom or living room

The timings at which I will be able to give my best and quality focus and effort would be 11 am-2 pm (IST) and 9 pm-10 pm (IST) from Monday to Friday.

Besides this,if there are tasks/projects/emails/calls/preparation/events that is to be done at other times and are not at a fixed time then I will be happy to do it after discussion with the people concerned.

The reason I am seeking this job and am highly interested and excited for it is:

-To utilize my talents in creative and solution based tasks that LB does.

-To be able to support my dreams,to acquire more skills,tools and resources to grow and be better.

I would be able to spend 20-25 hours per week (20+5 hours) and 100 hours per month involved in creative and solution based work to create a positive impact through LB.

Top Goals:
  • Health- I will lose 5 kgs from 65 to 60 in 2017 because it will make me fitter and healthier as recommended by my Gynecologist by following the exercise routine (gym and yoga thrice a week,1 hour each day) prescribed by my doctor and training in karate,once a week,90 minutes.

  • Business- I will continue to work on my Projects on Awareness about Porn,Character Building,Home School Curriculum and Lifebushido to the best of my abilities.
I will work on these projects:
-By spending 2 hours a week for each of the two Projects on Porn and Character Building,
-By spending 10 hours a week on Homeschool Curriculum project and
-By spending 25 hours a week on Lifebushido projects

  • Personal- I will Complete and Publish my book, "13 Inspirations@23-A Glimpse into the mind of a young woman who said yes to her dreams" by working on it 5 hours a week and
Develop 3 Motivational Workshops for youth by working 4 hours a week.

Unique Talents:
My unique talents as my friends have mentioned are my positive attitude towards life,my habit of always motivating people by praising and respecting them even in the least expected situation,compassion,my stage presence and leadership skills. I am not afraid to speak my heart out. According to them,I am a great support system who supports people in their thoughts and aims and makes them believe in their dreams. Team-Management and my ability to work with and spearhead a team is what makes me stand out. I am multi-talented,an excellent speaker who can captivate and keep the attention of the audience. I am a leader with innovative ideas having the skill,ability and passion to execute them. I not only lift myself but lift others up too. I am focused,hardworking,have a planned approach and extremely sincere and dedicated to the task I take in hand! I can take out opportunities among difficulties and hard times. I nurture the thoughts for every generation and speak about issues that most people neglect. My friends say that I am the "wings of change" and a driver of empowerment,with the ability to spread my positivity and energy to other people that is infectious. I observe day to day life and give it a beautiful and thoughtful meaning. A teacher of mine said that I have the zeal to ignite the hidden fire in others ,that my qualities are a blessing for humanity.

Katie Forsyth, Scribe

The Graceful Giraffe

Raw Personality Indicator:
The Committed Supporter

16 Personalities Quiz:
"The Protagonist"
Code: ENFJ-A

Passion Paragraph:
I am passionate about my journey! I believe in cherishing every moment I have. To me, this means to stop and smell the flowers! I enjoy the small things including seeing new places, my time with loved ones, creating memories and appreciating new experiences. I would like to see as much as I possibly can in life! I believe in being a support system to others when needed and be there for those who need me. I am a mother to 1 beautiful daughter, whom I absolutely adore! I also believe to find true happiness within yourself creates the best success.

Perfect Job:
My perfect job would be having a low stress work environment. A low stress work environment for me would include working with positive people and having a day that is a bit slower paced, yet I am able to get all my work done in the timely manner that it needs to be finished. Also, I want to work from the comfort of my own home office and have somewhat flexible hours so I can still be around for my family. I would be a part of a team with a great support system, yet work independently. At my perfect job, I would be doing work in areas I excel and feel comfortable, yet learn new strategies to take care of challenges as they arise.

Top Goals:
  • Health- I would like to exercise more, especially in the winter months. I'm naturally very active being outside and outdoor activities in the summer, however the cold, snowy Wisconsin winters keeps me inside where it is warm! I would also like cooking healthier meals. I think between exercising, staying on a schedule and making sure I get enough sleep will help me to feel better and more energetic overall.
  • Personal- I would like to learn and practice better communication techniques to understand others better. I would like to research this topic on my own as well as seeking advice from those who are knowledgeable on better communication techniques and how other personalities may express their communication..
  • Family- I would like to spend more time with my family in which I am totally engaged. I do have a lot of time with them, but I would like it to be more quality vs. quantity. I would also like to connect with them more, which is where my personal goal intertwines into the family goal.

Unique Talents:
My unique talents are listening, support and empathy toward people. I think I keep a very open mind and do not place judgement on anyone. Friends and family members come to me for support and others that I do not know so well feel comfortable enough to approach me. In the business world, I can create strong relationships by proving I'm there to help and come up with solutions. Overall, I tend not to give advice or opinions, but assurance and support.