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Welcome to Lifebushido Triangle
A Lifebushido Triangle is a group of 3-5 people (NO more than 5) around the world building relationships together while promoting self-growth within each other. Some people work with Lifebushido, some people are seeking to work with Lifebushido while others are just interested in this global social experiment. In the first few months you will learn about each other and yourself. During this time, each Triangle creates a packet composed of each Member's Perfect Job, Annual Goals, and Unique Talents. Then each Triangle participates in the Time Management Challenge. In 30 days, a Lifebushido Triangle may change your life. If you already know you want to Join a Triangle - let's get started: Add your name to Join a Triangle.

Lifebushido is offering an innovative and unique hiring opportunity. During the triangle experience, you will get the chance to communicate with people from around the globe. During this process, you will form a strong team of people where you will grow to know each person on a level unlike any other job.

Lifebushido is always looking for leaders who are up to the challenge of leading a triangle. Interested in being a leader? Contact us at triangle@lifebushido.com.

*Brand NEW*
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Lifebushido is very excited to share that the triangle experience, for the FIRST time ever, is available to 50% recruits and 50% non-recruits. What does this mean? That ANYONE from around the world can enjoy this experience that offers personal growth, creating relationships, finding your unique talent, goal setting, and MORE! Come meet some one new!

Lifebushido Triangles from around the world! Be bold! Anything is possible!


View a brief 2 minute video overview. Click here or visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vuf80fDth8.
Triangle Concept Discussion with Steve Kantor and Mo Fathelbab - Listen to their interview, then continue reading to learn how Lifebushido wants to help you get started on a life-changing experience.

Transcription Triangle Concept

Lifebushido Triangle Information Links

Personal Welcome from Lifebushido's President

This is personal welcome from Lifebushido's President Steve Kantor.
  • Lifebushido Triangle will change your life.
  • If you already know what this is about and ready to Join a Triangle - just get started: http://lifebushido-triangle.wikispaces.com/Join+a+Triangle.
  • Lifebushido Triangle is a free public service of Lifebushido provided as a creative social entrepreneurial project for the world.
  • Our goal is to help people with personal growth by grouping into small groups called Lifebushido Triangles and helping each other define their Perfect Job, Annual Goals, and discover and focus on their Unique Talents.
  • Lifebushido Triangles can be joined by three types of people:
    • Anyone in the world who seeks personal growth and wants to help others.
    • Lifebushido Recruits who are looking to get hired by Lifebushido.
    • People who have just been hired by Lifebushido called New Hires or have been working with Lifebushido called Ishidos.
  • If you complete a Lifebushido Triangle, you want to work with Lifebushido and you are proactive you will likely be hired.
  • You need to commit to spending 30 minutes per day for 30 days to change your life.
    • You do not need to email daily, it is okay to check-in and catch up at least every 3rd day to stay current.
    • The commitment is total of about 15 hours in 30 days to change your life.
    • If you currently are not willing or able to make that commitment, do not start the process.
  • The tasks for Lifebushido relate to personal growth and helping others in your Triangle.
    • There will be no work tasks or tasks which help provide Lifebushido revenue. Thus, there is no revenue benefit to Lifebushido for anyone to do a Lifebushido Triangle.
    • We are providing a global open-source platform for people to change their life with personal growth in a Triangle.
    • Our benefit is that some of those people may choose to join our company and work with Lifebushido.
  • If you decide to Join a Triangle and post your name as a potential Triangle Leader, after you email your information to triangle@lifebushido.com please remember to schedule a Driver Call with Steve Kantor. Steve is more than willing to answer any questions about Lifebushido Triangle. This also gives him a chance to get to know you personally, review your background and give you tips. To schedule your Driver Call, visit for more information Daily Driver Calls.
  • We continue to update this process.
  • We want your feedback. If you have any kudos/raves or rants about the Lifebushido Triangle concept, please go to Kudos - Rants - Confused, edit page and add your comments.

Join a Triangle

We suggest you read feedback from applicants who have tried and completed the Lifebushido Recruit Triangle experience. It also includes some updates from people after they have been hired and working at Lifebushido for a few months. Read stories from Recruits who completed Recruit Triangle and were hired by Lifebushido: Feedback - Triangle Experience.

Once you read this page, you are welcome to Join a Triangle.
Note: Do not join a Triangle or start this process unless you feel 100% comfortable it is a fit with you. Make sure you have the time to dedicate yourself to the process during this initial 30 day program and beyond. If you are unsure or if something is unclear, feel free to email us at triangle@lifebushido.com with your questions.

Join a Pakistan Triangle
Select the link below to join a Pakistan Triangle

For more information on Pakistan Triangle please contact Azeem- azeemudinsiddiqui@gmail.com

New Recruits Only

  • Lifebushido's Recruit process operates in stages.
  • Leaders successfully completing the 30-Day Recruit Triangle program have a 100% chance of being hired.
  • Members successfully completing the 30-Day Recruit Triangle program have a 50% chance of being hired.
  • Triangles continue past this 30-Day Recruit period.
  • You must remain an active Triangle participant during first 100+ billable hours.
  • If chosen to be hired, you will receive a Welcome Job Offer email and become a New Hire.
  • View previous Recruit Triangles here.

Apply to Fast Hiring Teams

If you have serious interest and availability in moving quickly through our Recruiting process review these fast hiring Teams. Follow these links for instructions on getting a fast hire interview.

US Recruits Only

Global Recruits Only

Kudos! - Rants!?! - Confused?

See and edit to add your own comments at Kudos - Rants - Confused
  • Our Lifebushido Triangle is a very unusual concept, because of this, we would like to open up a page for your kudos about what you like about the idea, rants about what you do not like, and questions if you are confused about why we are doing this or how.


Email with any questions, comments or concerns: triangle@lifebushido.com
Please use Subject: Recruit Triangle - Question
  • This is the ONLY email to send questions about the Triangle Process.
  • This email is monitored by the Talent TL and Steve.


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